July 11th, 2002

mr. robin


Attention, my South Jersey brethren:

My moms is coming down to hang out with me on Sunday, and we were looking to do something outdoorsy, possibly involving the Pine Barrens. My mom said there's a long boardwalk hiking thing somewhere; I found a couple listed here. But so I was wondering if you had any recommendations? Something nice and pretty and not too strenuous? My mom has a kayak, but I don't, but if there's a nice rental place somewheres . . . Man, I think I really want to go fishing, because I haven't been in years, but I don't have a license or anything, and I can't remember how much my mom likes fishing. So maybe I'll save that for later . . . anyone want to go fishing this summer? Lemme know. But first lemme know if you have any bright ideas for Sunday. Thanks!