July 16th, 2002

mr. robin


For some reason, I find these things a lot easier to write for girls.

We were at the Philadelphia Zoo, leaving the rhinocerous. A girl walked by; she had nice tits, or a nice ass, or something, I don't remember. My head turned as she walked away, and then I said to Jon, "yo, you see that?" He hadn't. "See what?" "That girl," I said, "did you see that hot girl? Weren't you looking?" He sort of smiled and said "I don't notice stuff like that anymore, I already have a hot girl of my own."

Happy Birthday one day late to Mr. Calamity Jon, a better man than I.
mr. robin

The cat, the night out, the iron furnace, the ridiculous rate at which I spend money.

The Fucking Cat feels that it is his inalienable right, as a cat, to be petted. Whenever he wants, for as long as he wants. When the lovin' stops, he reacts with violence. He's been particularly needy yesterday and today; this morning (whilst I was still in bed!) the fucker bit my hand, and when I threw my arm up to toss him off the bed, he grabbed onto my arm and ripped it up. Fucker. At least he knew enough to run.

He messed up my mom's hand on Sunday, too. She was just trying to be nice to him.

I also have a big blackandblue mark on my left forearm. It's pretty big, and was a little swollen, even! I don't know where it came from. And I got a few bruises on my knee, and a HUGE one on my right thigh (the size of a half-dollar, and a lovely dark violet,) presumably at the Bachelorette Party. I don't remember it happening, but that doesn't surprise me much. I was pretty toasted.

On Saturday, before the Bachelorette Party, I went to Michelle's sister's graduation party. All of her grandma's and great-aunts remembered me and gave me kisses. Later in the evening was Gina's big night out, organized largely by Kelly. It was so much better than I had imagined, and I had imagined it being a pretty good time. I think the secret was that we all embraced the Cheese of the night, instead of acting like we were too good for it. Man, but the club? A total donut-fest! To any single boys in the area, I recommend Polly Esther's. Lots of drunk Bachelorette Party girls. Ooh, and a cute shotgirl. I had three bodyshots that evening, one from a guy, and two from the shotgirl. It occurred to me that while we would have had little interest in witnessing the Bachelor Party, the Bachelorette Party was hot.

Am I allowed to say all that stuff? Yes, right?

And Saturday is the wedding. I bought my outfit last night; the other week I mentioned to Hal that I didn't have a dress yet, and he said "make sure to get something comfortable." Comfortable! I was sure he was going to say "slutty"! So I ended up getting a top and a skirt last night, which is nice, because I'll look good (probably not as good as Tami, though, grumble), but I'll be able to wear the shit again.

I love Express. It's my favorite store. I hadn't been in there in months (it's dangerous), but I went in there and didn't like a LOT of the stuff. And still found an outfit I loved. Sweet.

I went to get nail polish to match the top, and it was TEN DOLLARS! Fuck that noise.

Oh, on Sunday my mom and I went to Batsto Village. It's HISTORICAL. I was really glad we went; and that's funny, because it's exactly the sort of thing my parents would drag my brother and I to when we were little. My mom and dad later claimed that they had dragged us to Batsto Village when we were little (I didn't remember it). And here I am, a twenty-four-year-old hipster, and I'm INITIATING this field trip! Awesome! I learned about spinning wheels.

My mom and I are going to open a llama farm. Want in? Send me an email.

I bought a new cell phone last week, and it made me FAR more happy than a material object should be capable of making me. Oh well! And I can't get enough of the ring tone. I can't get enough of the ring tone. It makes the geek in me happy -- nay, elated. Giddy. Swoon.

I've been spending way too much money this month. The phone, the outfit, the numerous parties . . . and then I spend like eight million dollars via online shopping for stuff I don't really need. Also I've been running my air conditioners all day. Guh. This shit is going to catch up with me, I know it.

Did I tell you that last week I designed a Stormwater Management System? I did. I'm quite proud of myself. See, that makes me happy, and satisfied with my job. I started with a grading plan, and I drew the drainage divide lines, and designed all the inlets and pipes. I've done all the parts before, but this one I got to do myself from start to finish. Work is good when it's like this. Or when I'm getting props for all those trees I did those months ago: people keep coming back from the site and saying "I don't know how you did all that!" So I think I might stick around? I'm considering signing another year lease at my apartment. Another whole YEAR! What committment! Committment makes me uncomfortable.