July 22nd, 2002

mr. robin


I want to eat all the time. Constantly. I want to be eating right now. A few seconds ago I read some girl's journal in which she said she was eating a lot of cheese and mustard sandwiches lately; I want a cheese and mustard sandwich. Just now I went to Dave Barry's page and read the word "spam", and now I want some ham.

I am tired, so so tired. What a busy weekend. Wonderful, but busy, and not too relaxing.

Friday night we hung out at The House, and Hal, the man of the coming hour, on his last night of freedom, chose to play Taboo. Dave and Mitch and I kicked his motherloving ass. Neither his best man nor his best man's wife could stop us. They put up a good fight -- they even dragged us into overtime the second game, and eventually beat us -- but man, we fucking routed them that last, tie-breaking game. Rock. I love me a Taboo buzzer.

Eventually everyone went home, but Mitch and I stayed up until four in the morning, for some reason. I don't even remember what we were doing. Playing video games, I guess? Must have been some SSX Tricky, anything less interactive and I think I'd have fallen asleep.

Saturday was the big day. I got ready and stuff all in time (though I didn't know that six-thirty actually MEANS six-thirty at a wedding. Oops! My mom would have schooled me. But I didn't miss anything.) and got my ass down to the wedding. The ceremony was short and sweet. It was a little hard to hear, but it looked gorgeous, and I heard them mention "destiny" and "love" a few times, so that sounded all right to me. When they were introduced to the reception, Hal burst through the doors to "Welcome to the Jungle," with Gina trown over his shoulder, which was, of course, perfect.

Kelly and Dave both made excellent toasts. Man, my friends are making toasts. Isn't that weird? I have a bunch of cousins, so I've been to about seven or so weddings so far, but this was my first wedding where I know and love the bride and groom as my own. It was surreal, but really also quite wonderful. I even almost got choked up a few times, even though -- I mean what is there to be sad about, right? Hal and Gina are going to be pretty much the same to me . . . I think they're going to be happy together forever, I really do. I almost take it for granted, because they're such a given. Gina is a big ol' ball of energy, and likes to get into fights when she's drunk; Hal's lazy and crass; but goddamn if they don't love each other so hard. They're both kind, and creative, and strong, and independent, and funny, and ready to have a good time. They're not one of those crappy couples that's totally inseparable, but they're also not one of those weird couples who don't spend enough time together. They never speak badly of one another, not ever. They love spending time together, but they also don't have to. all the time. That's so . . . that's so wonderful and important and rare.

Man, you should have seen Gina yesterday. I saw her in the morning, and then again in the evening; she was just so happy. It made me smile, I couldn't help it. She just emanated happiness, radiated it. In her cute white morning-after-my-wedding dress.

So the wedding! The wedding. The food omigod was SO GOOD. The drinks were weak, but that maybe was a good thing, because I was able to drive to the hotel after. Everybody looked FABULOUS. The bridesmaids dresses were GORGEOUS! No, no, I'm totally serious, they were! And the boys looked so spiffy in their tuxedos.

After the reception we headed to the hotel. I passed out shortly afterward. Sunday I went to the company picnic, I rode in a paddleboat, and the hamburgers there were au jus (I didn't know hamburgers were ever au jus) and therefore SO GOOD that I had two. Also corn on the cob, and ice cream.

Last night Hal and Gina came over and we all watched the video. I was glad to see some of the entrances from a better angle. I was not able to watch myself DANCE for too long. I already know that I don't look cool when I'm dancing. I try real hard to forget that fact, so that I can dance. Guh.

I am SO hungry right now. Mmm, hamburgers au jus. My tea tasted funny this morning, so I didn't drink much of it. I'm dyin' over here. When's lunch?