March 12th, 2003

mr. robin

(no subject)

Hey, kids! Don't forget, Elvis Costello is guest-hosting Late Show with David Letterman tonight, as Dave is out sick with . . . shingles. Who gets shingles?

Oh dear God, and do you know who his guests are? Kim Catrell (yawn), Eddie Izzard, and Mitch Hedberg. Did I read that right? If you don't watch tonight you're a freaking idiot, holy cow. Sweet fancy Moses. All three of those clowns are in my Interests list! Holy shit!

And also don't forget, the mini-series Children of Dune starts this Sunday on SciFi. I saw the first two nights of the miniseries version of Dune a few years back. They tried very hard to stick closely to the book. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to have much of a budget, and the desert sets were laughable. I'm trying to keep my expectations of such things low for this new one, because if they stick close to the book again -- man, Children of Dune was a great book, about eight zillion things happen in it (thank goodness they didn't even bother with Messiah). So we'll see!