March 26th, 2003

mr. robin

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Hey, here's a question to which I could probably find an answer by doing a little research [lookin' for a re] but would prefer to just ask you folks: you know how girls these days have teeny tiny nose piercings? Itsy bitsy little dots that you can almost not even see? I think those are fly. Would it be possible to get my nose pierced to JUST that size? Or is that too small, and too likely to close up? My reference here is when I got my ears pierced in third grade (by my doctor, no less), and they put posts in there that were bigger than normal earrings, just for the beginning (SIX MONTHS, because I went to a doctor I kept my original pair in for SIX MONTHS, my mom is so non-risk-taking it's adorable (now)), so that they wouldn't close up later.

So . . . yeah. Long parenenthesized story short, can I get it pierced with just a tiny little dot? Or do I have to get it pierced regularly, and then put a teeny post in there in three or six months? Anybody? Tami?
mr. robin


The VP of my company bought a whole bunch of mini Frosties from Wendy's. Chocolate. Crystal and I ate ours outside and talked about boys and getting jobs as teachers, because of all the time off we'd have during summer.

Ha, and get this -- we're discussing this, with James, this dude at work (I think he's 24). And we're talking about how kickass it would be to have the whole summer off, and James makes it about money a little bit, by saying that you can have a seasonal job during the summer and make mad loot. He says how his friend is a teacher, and then has a contracting business during the summer, building decks and whatnot, and pulls in another $20K just doing that, and then he says, and I sort of to the best of my memory quote, "but that's more of a guy thing, but a girl could do something else." Crystal and I bust out laughing, me so that I won't bust out James' face instead. And then he sort of tried to defend himself, can you believe that? Something like "oh, what, so a girl is going to be . . . " oh I don't remember what the fuck he said. Something about lugging things around. But I said, "uh, yeah, why not?" I mean okay, perhaps it's more LIKELY that a dude would do that, but what exactly precludes a female from having a contractor business? From building a freaking deck? Just cuz I'm a terrible hammerer doesn't mean we all are. Man, from the stupid old veteran who sends around "patriotic" e/pops I can take it (not really, but expect it, at least), but from the guy my age? Come on, man.

This post was supposed to be about how nice it was to sit outside and eat a chocolate frostie and then come back in and have the computer screen be real bright again, not about my stupid sexist co-worker! Oh well.

I guess I have to start a contracting business now, just to show him what for.