March 27th, 2003

mr. robin

(no subject)

  1. Yesterday I saw a tv commercial for Vice City. Um . . . why bother? Doesn't everyone already own that game? And if they haven't, haven't they played it at their friend's house?

  2. Today I was driving behind a Honda Accord that had the H missing. Just like that Simpsons episode!

  3. Also today I was driving behind a Toyota Prius. That's the hybrid car. I think I want one of those. My lease is up in December. I had looked into it when I first got this car, but it was a leetle more expensive, and I wasn't sure about getting it when it was so new -- I mean, if something went wrong, I'd have a limited number of places I could take it (the dealership, pretty much), and though they might have had a seminar or something on how to fix it, they might not have any experience, right? But now I think I want one. I don't know if I could afford it, though. We'll see.