April 9th, 2003

mr. robin

(no subject)

I had baked beans for lunch today. Mmmmm, baked beans. I always put a lot of ketchup in them. A lot. And some brown sugar, of course.

They pre-empted my soap opera for the Liberation of Baghdad (But Only Some Parts) or the Toppling of the Statue or whatever. It did make me happy, to see those Iraqis happy. I hope they really are, and that most of them feel that way. Or will, eventually.

I won't be able to make it to bowling tomorrow, so last night I pre-bowled my two games. I had never bowled by myself before. It went so quickly! And I was actually out of breath every once in a while! Because you never sit down, you know? My first game I bowled a 101, which is absolutely horrible. Ugh. I'm afraid to tell my teammates. But the second game I bowled a 177! That's good! I got a turkey. And only two open frames. Man, and in that second game, twice I rolled a gutterball on the first ball. I'm so stupid! Especially since I finished one of said frames with a nine, and the other with a spare! I could have had a strike! And I think that one was after a spare, too. Man, I could have had a PHENOMENAL score if I had just concentrated more. Next time.

So how about that first game, huh? I guess I need to spend more time practicing in the beginning, or something.