October 24th, 2003

mr. robin

Friday and the day is long

Oh my God.

The guy in the next office is playing his music pretty loud, and it's like . . . metally. Metallic. Simply awful. Only problem is, he's the boss.

The people upstairs -- well, I thought they were testing out their bowling balls to make sure they still had mass, but apparently they're having an alarm system installed or something. Alarm systems apparently require lots of heavy things, and these heavy things fall/are dropped/get knocked over. Oh dear lord now they're vacuuming.

I'm wearing 1) my Rutgers: Civil Engineering: 2000 t-shirt (which is surprisingly well-designed, graphically speaking) 2) my jumper (I call it a jumper because that's what they call sweaters in England, and I bought it in England, albeit at The Gap and 3) the fleece I keep here at work. And guys, it's only like 60 degrees outside, that's not that cold. This place is freezing. It's going to be a long winter.

I want to get the hell out of here and start cooking meatloaf. Also, I keep squinting, I really really need to go see the eye doctor. I've been saying that for a year.

I ate potato chips and onion dip for lunch, and candy corn for dessert. MARVELOUS.

I'm going to the Rutgers/Temple game at the Linc tomorrow. I'm hype. We're going to tailgate like champs. And I'll be watching football in the new beautiful statium, for considerably less than an Eagles ticket. I hope we win.

Oh my god, that music is simply awful.

I still have something that I have to fashion for my Halloween costume, but I only really have Monday and Thursday evenings free next week. I hope I can get it done Monday, so that I don't begin to panic. Also, I have wig issues. The wig is going to look absolutely horrible, it's going to look like a freaking WIG, and the hair isn't supposed to be a defining characteristic, mine just isn't the right color, dammit. I wish there were a legitimately good rinse I could use. Scientists need to work harder.

I'm in a good mood, sort of, I swear! I just want to go home.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Oh! I almost forgot. I updated my site a little bit. With something that's going to require near-constant updates in the future. We'll see how that works out.
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mr. robin

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I'm sure I'll feel differently once something else gripes my wagger, but right now, I hate dimensioning more than I hate anything else in this world.