January 23rd, 2004

mr. robin

(no subject)

I just want everyone to know that I'm in a great mood today. It's Friday, and the weekend is upon us. I get to see my mom on Sunday. I feel reasonably well-rested. But most importantly, I've been productive at work yesterday and today. What a difference it makes, to actually work hard all day long, instead of fucking around on the internet and then being vaguely unsettled and guilty because I didn't accomplish as much as I could have. I stayed until 8:30 last night, and I didn't even really mind that much. I had thought that there was no way in hell I'd finish the stuff I was supposed to finish in time, but that was before I started working, and I got a hell of a lot done yesterday.

That's really boring to read about! I'm sorry.

I'd write more, but I have work to do!

Are YOU looking forward to the weekend as much as I am?
mr. robin

Chocolate tragedy

Man, I was trying to unwrap a Rolo with one hand whilst talking on the phone, and I was standing over the trash can so that I could drop the foil into it, and just as I was putting the Rolo up to my lips IT DROPPED OUT OF MY HAND AND FELL INTO THE TRASH!!

Man. It's a good thing I have, like, forty thousand Rolos left, or my weekend would be totally ruined.