February 5th, 2004

mr. robin

everyone you know someday will die

I slipped on ice on the way to my car yesterday morning, invisible ice on my sidewalk. I fell on my behind in the most cliched way possible, feet flying out in front of me. Somewhere, a slide whistle tooted.

I went to the Animation Show at the Prince last night. Tami put me on the comp list, Sean gave me my ticket, and Meghann gave me a hug. (I really liked her hair). And the old man who ripped my ticket was sweet.

I really enjoyed the movie. It made me wistful for Liquid Television. There was a Plymptoon, and they even included the Office Space cartoon, the one with Milton and the stapler. Man, 1991, you ruled and I miss you! Ha ha, not really. But I discovered/realized that I don't really like gross, gory cartoons. Isn't that lame of me? I mean that's part of the appeal of cartoons, you can do some whacked out shit and it's okay, because it's a cartoon. But it just doesn't do it for me. The cartoon I walked in upon (I was late) was probably called Peanut (nevermind, I just looked it up, it's called "Strange Invaders") and it was this little kid doing all these horrible things and everyone in the theater was laughing, but all I did was wince. The same thing happened with Don Hertzfeld's Billy's Balloon. I mean I liked it, and it was cool, and I'm glad I saw it finally (on the largest movie screen in Philadelpha, even), but I didn't laugh at it. Oh, how lame and grown up am I! I can't stand the Happy Tree Friends either. Eh.

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