February 27th, 2004

mr. robin

Ladies is pimps too

Today is a great day. Just a great day.

Yesterday was weird. Yesterday was the most low-key birthday ever, I think. Which doesn't matter, as I've made this a totally Birthday Weekend, and I have a lot to look forward to, including a party on Saturday which will totally be my real birthday celebration. It was just so strange, yesterday, to have it not be a big deal. I'm a very birthday person.

Yesterday I came into work late. And I stopped on the way in for a bagel. I worked pretty hard, but not too hard. I left on time, and went to give myself a birthday present: I got my ear pierced. Then I came home and watched Star Trek and updated my website. It was nice and lovely and relaxed. Then Mitch came over. We ordered Chinese food and watched different Star Trek. And Mitchell gave me a couple birthday presents. Mitch is not a present guy. It took me a while to get used to that, but that's just how he is. So it means a whole lot that he got me something for my birthday. It was totally unexpected. Thanks a lot, buddy.

My mom called me to wish me a happy birthday. I was talking to both Mom and Dad on the phone, and I said that I had gotten myself a birthday present, and they said "what is it?", and I said, laughing, "oh, you're probably not going to be happy about it," and Dad said a little loudly "did you get something pierced?" and I laughed and said "yeah," and before I could say "just my ear," HE HUNG UP ON ME. Me. Hello. We just got finished discussing that I turned twenty freaking six freaking years old. Man. "He just woke up," my mom said. I hope he apologizes. He's not a particularly stubborn man. I mean, come ON. You don't have to be happy about it, but you also don't have to be so freaking obnoxious about it, on my BIRTHDAY and all. My parents are seriously so weird. They didn't do enough drugs when they were younger.

And my brother called me! I feared he wouldn't, as he was in the process of driving to Florida from freaking Rochester New York. I estimate that this trip would take, oh, I don't know, eight or nine million years. He called to say that traffic was stopped in North Carolina and that it was SNOWING. He seemed quite upset by this, offended even. "It's SNOWING. This is NORTH CAROLINA! It's SNOWING in NORTH CAROLINA! It had better not be fucking snowing in Florida." Maybe it was even South Carolina, I don't remember for sure. I told him that it had snowed in Atlanta earlier that day, or the day before. "GEORGIA???" he exclaimed. "It snowed in HOTLANTA?? What the fuck??" Poor Sean. Earlier in the year it snowed in Rochester every day for like a month and a half. The poor kid just wants some goddamned sun.

I got an email today from my high school boyfriend, the one who looks like Legolas, wishing me a happy birthday. It's always nice to hear from him, he is a good, good guy. And he says he forgives me for the way I treated him at the end of our relationship, in 1996. I hadn't known he was still upset about that -- well, no, that's not completely true. I had a feeling. But that's nice that he doesn't hold it against me anymore. I'd like to think I'd do a lot better now. I like to think I get a little smarter every year, every month. A little kinder. Just a year ago I didn't think kindness mattered all that much, but now, I think it is very important.

It's Friday! It's Friday and my ear hurts. Michelle and Teege and Jeff are taking me to get sushi tonight. I haven't had sushi in a restaurant since Halloween, I think. And then on Saturday I want to buy an outfit for my party. I haven't bought clothes since I went shopping for Rachel and Jerron's wedding in November. I hope I don't get guilted into coming into work, as I didn't last Saturday, and won't be able to next Saturday, because my parents are coming down. We'll see.

I'm listening to Lifes Rich Pageant.