March 24th, 2004

mr. robin


Oh man, today is great so far!

It's going up to fifty-eight (58) degrees today. And I get to be outside! I have to drive up to Franklin Township, so that I can walk around a strip mall and write down all the traffic signs. Ha! That's like an hour's drive! In my own car, with my own music! To do some easy, done-in-twenty-minutes task! This is going to be great. I'm leaving just as soon as I get these EIS reports printed out.

Tonight I'm making chili, and my damn brother is coming to dinner! This is great! I haven't seen him since -- man, I want to say Christmas, could that possibly be right? And I won't be seeing him again for a long time, because this weekend he is flying on an aeroplane to Germany! Holy crap! To study over there in some Germanic school for three-and-change months! I would say "months" auf Deutsch if I could remember how to do that, unfortunately, I do not. But so anyway, there are three reasons I am excited about all of this! One is that my brother gets to go to Germany, and I know that he will have an amazing time. Even if he ends up not loving it, it will still be an amazing, life-altering few months, and I'm so excited for him. Secondly, I'm just damn happy to see him tonight, I miss him and he is my brother. Thirdly, I will be visiting him this summer! In Germany! Er, just as soon as I get my passport renewed, and purchase some plane tickets, that is. I should get on that.

Speaking of expensive credit card purchases, I bought a computer this morning! Holy crap! I've been talking about getting a new computer for a LONG time, man, six months at least. I mean I've been grumbling for two years, but seriously threatening for six months. And I finally did it! And I got a great deal, I think! I got it from Dell, I didn't want to build my own, I don't know enough about computers to fix anything that might go wrong. Anyway, it has all your standard equipment. Nothing too fancy, I don't want to spend money on stuff I don't need. Man, the CD-RW drive is 48x, which is very exciting, because my current drive -- I'm not sure what it's SUPPOSED to do, but it only writes at TWOx, which is very, very slow and makes the prospect of CD-burning very unappealing. But now I will burn CD's all the time! It will be great! Oh and also I got a freaking 17" flat panel monitor!! I hadn't intended on getting a new monitor (mine works just fine), but this puppy was only like $100 or something! How can I resist!? And the whole damn thing was only around $900, which is $1000 after shipping. That's not that much at all! This is going to be great.

I'm wearing a butter-yellow sweater today. It's a sweater, because it's still slightly chilly out. But it's also the color of daffodils and tulips, because Spring is almost here.

Oh man, also, I was invited to a super extreme concert on Monday! I mean I was invited last night, the concert is Monday. I am very excited about this too! Remember the other day when I was bitching about the goddamn Polyphonic Spree? Well, ha ha, the joke's on me, because I'm actually going to the concert! Ben Schtune called me up last night and asked me if I wanted to go, because his extra free ticket (he won them in some sort of radio David Bowie trivia nonsense, if I recall correctly, I believe his bicycle was involved) was burning a hole in his pocket. Hand. What have you. So now I get to see the 'Spree (maybe I'll make a paper airplane that says "please remember to come back and play the cheap/small venue at a later date" and toss it up on stage) AND David Bowie (he's still alive! Who knew!), and come on, David Bowie, am I right? "Dancing in the Street"! Back me up here, ladies! So man, big thank you to Ben, you are making a ridiculous thing happen, and ridiculous=good. And to everyone to whom the ticket was offered before me, and who turned him down: fools, fools, all of you!

Man, I think I'm going to buy a robe. Even though I hate the Polyphonic Spree now. Because I still love them, too. That's how love works.

Okay, I think that's all the great things that I can think to list right now! The reports are done, I'm off to Franklin Township. Maybe I'll stop by Rutgers and get a Fat Darrell for lunch. OH MAN I'M TOTALLY GOING TO DO THAT!

Have a great day, everybody!