April 14th, 2004

mr. robin

What if he were on MY side? Well then I'd be totally embarrassed.

I caught a bit of the president's press conference last night. Not the statement, but most of the Q & A.

For a while I tried to pretend that Bush was my president, that he represented my beliefs and whatnot, to see how I would see him: Lord, it was awful. He is just such an atrocious public speaker, I am simply amazed that he managed to score this job, for real. Arrghh, total wince-inducing. It's not just the grammar and the misspeaks and the made-up words -- the man just cannot think on his feet. I'm not so hot at thinking on my feet either, but I'm also not a politician.

Why does he have to keep saying that everything he's done is right? Do they all do this? I must admit that I didn't pay very much attention to politics until this monkey came into office, so I don't know. Do they have to act that way? I remember a year or so ago, right before we actually went into Iraq, watching something on C-SPAN, it was Tony Blair taking questions from a committe of Parliament peeps. Explaining why they would be backing us upin Iraq. And say what you will about his motives, at least he talked like a real person. He answered their questions much like a human being would. He may have been spinning what he was saying, but he was actually answering the questions that they were asking, rather than launching into a pre-written spiel that was only vaguely relevant. Man, when does that happen in America? Like never! It has to be due in a large part to the parliamentary process. Oh MAN do I love that shit. Last night they said that this was Bush's twelfth (12th) press conference so far. Shit, Blair has to deal with people YELLING at him and MAKING FUN of him every -- damn, I don't know, but all the time! If you're a politician in Britain, you'd better be a damn good public speaker, and brave, and LOUD, and sarcastic. Or you will not last two seconds. We need something like that here, all our politicians get are yes men.

This post is meandering and disjointed, but I gotta jet. Sorry. You know what I mean, though, right?