April 16th, 2004

mr. robin

(no subject)

It is so beautiful outside! For lunch I went to a park and walked around and then laid on my back in the middle of a soccer field. I look forward to going to this park all the time during lunch now. I had it practically all to myself, which will probably change once school is out, but for now it is lovely.

All of the squirrels are out, and they are looking around for nuts! Squirrels do not have a method for remembering where they buried nuts, they just bury a lot of them and their neighbor squirrels bury a lot of them and then they go to sleep and then spring time comes and they sniff around and dig holes and find enough nuts to put some more meat on their bones so that they can go out dancing with other squirrels and fall in love! It is possible to be a Lazy Squirrel and still survive, but then you would not be true to the Squirrel Way!

It was really hard to come back to work after my nice lay-down in the park! In twenty minutes I will leave this place and head to Philly to see a movie! Also this weekend is the first weekend in a month or so where I didn't have anything planned. So I told (volunteered!) Bruce I would come in to work. But the weather will be so nice! Maybe I do not want to work after all!

I can't wait to get back out there again! There was not a cloud in the sky! Also there was an orchard right next door to the park and all of the trees have tiny pink blossoms on them. But I didn't have my camera! I am a fool, a fool I say!

Also there are three baseball diamonds there, they are all really nice and recently groomed! The dirt was all raked (and the rake was right there! I could have taken it!) and I made little footprints in it! I looked at the second base! It is made of foam or something!