April 29th, 2004

mr. robin


Just tell me your answer, even if it sucks. The continuation of our species matters more than you can imagine. It is the single most important thing we can do. Just tell me your answer, even if it sucks. There were many examples of animals all around.

But this was a long road, and should I walk down it, I might never come back. You can't go up to the unit. Nobody's allowed up there. There's something I should tell you. I can never describe the walk back to my truck.

I want you to hit me as hard as you can. A house full of condiments and no food. What is the answer? Why do guys like you and me know what a duvet is?

I'll tell you what happened next. I'm cold, you said, staring at the continuation we had to feel through yesterday. This is what I like, I'd tell myself. My job was to apply the formula. Hi, I said to all the animals.