May 27th, 2004

mr. robin

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Man, I have done very little work today! My boss is on vacation, and it's hard to motivate myself. Even though I have eight thousand things on my plate, and it would be nice if I finished them.

I had a great lunch! I ate pizza at my park! When I first discovered my park, I was planting myself in the middle of a football field. Now, I spread out my blanket by the side of the lake, just outside the park's entrance. There are Canada geese who hang out in the general vicinity (though not RIGHT where I put my blanket down, because there isn't really any goose poop there, which is nice). I like it when they hang out sort of near me, so that I can watch them. It's like being at a really cheap zoo! Also I think of bakerloo every single time, and how BRAVE I would appear to her, were she there at lunch with me. I will protect you from Canada geese, bakerloo!

TWO WEEKS. We will be at our campsite at Bonnaroo drinking (but not throwing up this year, hopefully) in TWO WEEKS. Man. I got Bonnaroo supplies delivered to me yesterday! Like a hat! And other things! Perhaps I will take a picture.

On Monday I went to Ben Schtune's annual barbeque, and the turkey burgers were delicious, as always. [If it's not a secret, you should totally email that BBQ sauce recipe to me, Ben.] Oh and corn, man, corn, you are so delicious. It is always nice to hang out with that whole Philly crowd. I only see them once every few months, but they are totally awesome.

And on Tuesday I went out for drinks with Chris and Emily, who had just turned 21. We went to Harper's, and no one got carded, so it wasn't all that EXCITING, but it's still terribly cool (and convenient) that they're legal now. The big drunken celebration is at Dave & Buster's tomorrow night. Man, I hope that they both make total and complete fools of themselves! That will be awesome. I haven't been to a 21st birthday celebration in years.

But before that, I'll be meeting petit_chou! And that will be fun and exciting as well, although I'm not sure what we're going to be doing. When I am meeting someone for the first time, or seeing someone I haven't seen in a long time, or hanging out with someone outside of work, or any of those things, well, man, I usually head out for some drinks! I mean, am I right or am I right? Gives you something to do, music to cover up awkward silences, and of course alcohol makes it easier to talk. Man, I am seriously so dry and super-sarcastic when I'm nervous, it's appalling. I guess it's a defense mechanism or something, which is silly, but I can't turn it off. It's frustrating. I'm working on it.

We made homemade pizzas last night and they were delicious. I still have dough for two more pies left. What an easy homemade dinner possibility! I'll certainly have one sometime next week; I'm all pizza'ed out for now.

I read I Am Not Spock and it . . . wasn't very good. I mean I learned some things, but MAN does that guy need an editor, his shit was ALL over the place and disjointed and distracting. Also he kept talking about, like, the Craft of Acting, and seems to have a very healthy ego. ALSO it caused me to have a dream yesterday afternoon wherein I was hanging out with Spock, but he was smiling and joking around with me and stuff and I realized that it wasn't Spock at all, it was Leonard freaking Nimoy, who is, by his own admission, not Spock! Man, subconcious, not cool, not cool at all!

I have I Am Spock coming to me eventually as well, hopefully that one will be more better written.

I continued reading House Harkkonnen at lunch today, aaaaaand . . . I dunno. I think I may stop reading them after all. He EXPLAINS too much. One of the neat things I like about Frank Herbert is that he generally doesn't tell you more facts about a particular thing than you absolutely need to know. (Man, what a sentence). Like, the scene I couldn't get through was that of a dinner party thrown by Fenring, which I guess is supposed to be a parallel to the one in Dune. And in this scene we're told that the "tradition" of t'rowing sopping towels on the floor was created by the Baron. What? So the storied and classic tradition that Leto eschews is only, like, thirty years old? Give me a break. Also, he explains the Baron's weight gain as a disease that Helen Goyoman Whatserface gave to him whilst he was raping her. I mean, come on. This shit is just such shit. I can't take it, I tell you.

Man, it is totally time to go home! This is great! I REALLY ought to do some goddamned work tomorrow, though.