June 16th, 2004

mr. robin

Oh man good news good news!

You guys, I totally got a raise today! And it was pretty big! HOORAY!! Now I don't feel so badly for blowing a hundred bucks on Star Trek shit today that I totally don't need and will only make me less cool!

Also I got a gmail account because I am totally awesome and elite! geniusscientist at! Thanks be to Elemak of the Slick Ninja BBS!

Also also Bonnaroo was totally spectacular! It was amazing! I saw a lot of great music! I should have seen more! I hung out with three great guys for five days and we did not kill each other! I miraculously did not take any drugs! And most wonderfully of all, I DID NOT GET SUNBURNED!! Huzzah! More on all of that later, of course.

I leave for Germany to see my awesome brother in, like, three days! Holy shit! I have to pack or something!

All of this good news makes me so happy that I do not mind that I am still here at work! See you later, suckers!