June 29th, 2004

mr. robin

I'm back!

I'm back!  Well, I was back Sunday, of course,  Today is my second day back at work.

I didn't want to kill myself yesterday -- that means I like my job.  At my old job, the first day back from a vacation was pretty freaking brutal.

My right ear is still not completely back to normal, hasn't totally popped yet.  Things don't sound muffled anymore, but every once in a while I'll yawn and stuff will crinkle around in there.  When I was in the Philadelphia Airport, my ear was totally un-popped.  The result of this, as you know, is that sounds from the outside are muffled -- but it also means that sounds on the INSIDE are easier to hear.  So I could hum really, really quietly, but I could hear myself really well.  I tried to hum "Bolero" on the way to the baggage claim.  MAN am I tone deaf.  What a shame!

I brought a whole CD book full of CD's to Europe with me:  I only ended up listening to one, Sea Change by Beck.  What a lovely, lovely album that is.  So slow and sad and relaxing.  Also I figured out that if I have an unpleasant/annoying song in my head, I can think of "Paper Tiger" and it is easily replaced.  So that's nice.

It feels all right to be back.  I think the strangest/oddest/saddest thing about being  back is that nothing is changed.  I spent a whole week in foreign countries, riding on trains and using strange currencies and speaking in moon-man languages and eating salami and cheese sandwiches for breakfast, but when I come back, it's all the same.  Rasputin's dick was on Yahoo's most popular when I left, and it's still there now that I've returned.  Amazing.

So I'm in a new space here at work.  We got a new guy, Steve (who I worked with at my old job -- Bruce sniped him away as well, finally.  Apparently morale is really shitty there now, they've lost something like seven people in the last three months, people keep quitting or getting fired), and as a result of office reshuffling, I'm no longer in an office, I'm in a cube.  Oh well!  I didn't really use that door very often anyway.  And I like change, moving is neat (my DESKS are neat, though that won't last long), though I miss my window terribly.  My old window looked out onto neighboring backyards, but this one looks out onto the freaking parking lot, so I didn't even bother to arrange my desk next to it.  Oh well.

I should get back to work.

But first, here's a terrible picture of me, and a wonderful picture of my brother, at the top of a mountain in Kassel, Germany.  (I was trying to be silly.  I should try smiling.)  We climbed this mountain.  The long way.  (Because we are foolish).  Our calves were killing us. 

Those sunglasses on my head are lost now, by the way.  I think I left them in a restroom at an exhibit about the Berlin Wall in Berlin, Germany.  I also left my soap in a hostel in Amsterdam, my conditioner in my brother's shower in Dessau, Germany, I believe a lighter was confiscated at the airport in Amsterdam (they didn't return it after I went through the metal detector), and I think they stole my pen in Cincinnati (ditto).

It's a wonder I made it home.
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