July 9th, 2004

mr. robin

hooray it is Friday

This morning I tried to figure out if I could get away with wearing shorts to work.  The surveyors wear shorts, but they're out in the field all day.  (Man, I would NEVER wear shorts in the fierld, by the way.  Um hello, ticks?)  I noticed this dude Dave wearing shorts in the office, but he's a drafter/3d renderer/etc.  And then earlier this week CHUCK wore shorts to work, but he's the big boss, it's his company, he can do whatever he wants.  No one has an analagous position to me, so it's hard to say.  Either they're "below" me (and at my last job, I was scolded about my sloppy dress, told I couldn't look like the drafters and designers, because I am an engineer, by God,) or above me.

Then I remembered that I wear a fleece hoodie all day long, because I get cold so easily, so really, I don't WANT to wear shorts to work.  I would be uncomfortable all day.  So I wore flip-flops instead.

Lunch was wonderful.  It always is, but especially yesterday and today, there was such a lovely breeze.  It's so nice to sit down by the lake.  Every day there are people fishing, but I don't think I've ever seen the same person twice.  I've also never seen anyone pull a fish from the lake that was longer than four inches, and I think that these two things are related.

On Wednesday I cooked dinner for eight (8) boys.  It was wonderful.  I hadn't cooked in a month (for a group, I mean), and I had been beginning to be disillusioned about the whole Wednesday Dinner thing, thinking maybe it had run its course, was time to pack it in so that we could say "remember when I cooked dinner every week?  That was awesome."  But my hope is renewed.  It forced me to make the living room decent, forced me to vacuum, and man, I'd just forgotten how wonderful it feels to have my house full with people.  I really do like hosting parties.  When the preparation doesn't make me insane and stressed out, that is.

I am listening to music on my headphones, and a live version of a song came on, and the singer -- as they are sometimes wont to do -- let the audience sing a few lines of the song. And sometimes that ends up sounding a bit weak, but in this version of this song it didn't, and I got a little bit of a chill in my legs (see, good thing I didn't wear shorts). We all, we people, we're so flawed, you know, we're such assholes, we're mean to each other, we criticize, we want bad things to happen to people we don't even know, so during those rare times when you can have hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of people all paying attention at the same time, and all feeling at the same time, and all singing together at the same time, that's the shit, man, that's the shit. I so much prefer to love people, of course, of course. And music can be one of noblest things to get together about. I love music, I love concerts, concerts can make my heart feel so big in my chest.

Next Tuesday, new albums drop from both They Might Be Giants and The Polyphonic Spree.

They and the internet:  frustrates me.  They were one of the first groups to have a website, back in the day, and it was really cool, but then they left it to stagnate for years.  Same thing now -- their website says something about the "new album Mink Car."  But it's a cool website -- they just need to start keeping up with the goddamned things.  Even theymightbegiants.com is vaguely uncurrent.

The Spree and the internet:  you should play this game.  The first time I tried to play it I couldn't figure it out, but Jeff emailed me a link today and I went and tried again.  It's adorable.  And very pretty.

I'm going up to my grandparents' beach club in Queens tomorrow, with my mom.  I miss my brother.