July 14th, 2004

mr. robin



Also, Rasputin's dick dropped off the most popular list yesterday!  Hooray!  I'm so proud of you folks.


Okay, I'm in a really pissy mood today.  I shouldn't be, because I got a lot of sleep last night -- I fell asleep on my couch at eleven or twelve.  Got up and went to bed at six.

But I haven't done anything at work all day and it's not even my fault this time.  I can't do ANYTHING until I get drainage areas, and I can't do drainage areas until I get the finished grading from Steve.  It's driving me nuts (ARRRRR).

And then for five seconds I was in a good mood because the mail came and I got my new Spree cd and my new They Might Be Giants cd!  And I will listen to the Spree cd and it will make me feel good, just as it did last night when I was listening to it on the internet.  (I'm nervous about listening to the new They cd because I am afraid I won't like all of it.)
But then just now the most beautiful girl I've ever seen came into the office and asked for Bruce and I think he might be interviewing her for something.  And if she's the least bit competent he will hire her because, as aforementioned, she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.  Good Lord.  That sucks!  I like being the only girl.  Now I'll be the homlier girl.  The fatter girl.  The one who doesn't blow dry her hair in the morning girl.

Hmm, although that's what I thought a year ago when we hired The Cute Girl at my last place -- first I hated her and then I had a crush on her for five seconds and then she became Crystal when we became friends.  But man, this girl might be way too good-looking to be my friend.

I want to go to lunch but there's a meeting at two that I might have to attend!  So I might not take a lunch at all today.