July 15th, 2004

mr. robin

Life is Good

Yesterday evening I sat on my balcony.  The sky was still blue, golden at the edges.  Polyphonic Spree fell from the window behind me, and the coals over which I watched warmed the bottoms of my bare feet.  I sat with a new Star Trek book in my lap and a bourbon and Pepsi at my hand, and Henry stuck his head between wrought-iron bars to survey the ground below and the mourning doves flying past and it was hard not to realize that good god, man, life is pretty damn good.
number one

keep 'em amazed with your mild devotion to majesty

So Monday and Tuesday nights I got a lot of sleep, and last night I did the opposite of that.

I had people over for dinner.  After the last of my guests left at around eleven, I watched an episode of Futurama which I had downloaded.  When that was over, I put The Search for Spock into my DVD player.  The plan, actually, was to fall asleep in front of the movie -- I took my contacts out and everything.  But I didn't get sleepy, and I watched the whole thing without even dozing off once (HIGHLY irregular).  And when it was over, I still wasn't tired.  And Lupin III was on the teevee.  So I went to my computer and worked on the site, I tried out the new Dreamweaver MX.  It sort of feels like cheating, but I figure that if it helps me to churn out these pages more quickly, then that's okay.  Because getting these pictures out there in a format that I like, that is the important thing.  I mean really, what am I trying to prove?  And to whom?

I worked on the computer, choosing colors and picking out fonts and fooling with my new program and reading stories on the internet, until 4:30 in the ay-em.  And I wan't even tired then, but I knew I had to go to bed eventually, or I would be dead the next day.  Surprisingly, I don't really feel all that bad today. I have had an awful lot to eat, though.

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Man, I went to Wawa during lunch and my checking account balance is . . . either appalling or hilarious, I can't figure out which.  It's a good thing I'm getting paid tomorrow.  I REALLY need to stop spending money on things I don't need.  Seriously. I will never be able to afford a house at this rate.

So that's it!  I'm going camping this weekend, I'm very excited about that.  Have a great Thursday.