July 29th, 2004

white debbie

Happy Birthday Wesley and also here is what I did last weekend

Hello.  I feel a bit gloomy today!  I'm not sure why.  It's almost quittin' time, I can't wait to go home and take a nap!  That will make everything better. 

Today is a birthday day!  Today is the birthday of my good friend Culann, one of the cutest of all my friends:

And Mitch, one of the bestest of all my friends:

And also Wil Wheaton.

Happy birthday, guys!

I was in the field this week, Monday through yesterday.  Delineating wetlands and whatnot.  It was sometimes frustrating, oftentimes wet, and always hot.  I dug many holes.  I was a ditch digger.  I liked it a lot; there weren't many ticks at this site.  I hate ticks.  Mosquitos I can handle.  And I feel much more satisfied at the end of a day where I did some actual physical labor.  Much more satisfied than sitting in front of a computer.  And I saw many animals!  I saw three deer, a frog, eight thousand bunnies, eight million birds, lots of butterflies, a cat, and a lone kitten, as well as a roving pack of wild dangerous kittens.  Haha, I'm just kidding, they weren't feral or anything, they were probably just farm cats, but they really did travel as a pack of yittle 8-week-old kittens, who scampered into the woods when we came close, and that was funny.

Here, let me tell you about this past weekend.

On Friday I came home from work and took a super-long nap during which I had the totally awesome amazing dream which I have already related to you.  Then I went to the All the Red Wine in the World Party, at Meghan and Mike's place.  I had never been to their apartment before, and it was pretty amazing!  I had a great time at the party.  I got wine-headed enough to be loud and talk about all sorts of things and be animated and excited, but I was still able to drive my ass home at three ay em.  I've said it before, but I like chillin' chillin' with those Philly kids.  Also the party was in celebration of Meghan's not working at her old work anymore, and man, quitting is one of the most deserving of all events to be celebrated.

I drove home and fell asleep on my couch watching . . . um, a DVD.  This is to become a recurring theme.

On Friday I got my hair done (it's not not how I want it, but it's also not particularly exciting.  Oh well) and then Jeff and I drove down to Washington, D.C. to see They Might Be Giants play in the middle of the goddamned road (man, D.C.!)  We drove to the same Metro stop to which we had driven three months ago, to march for women's lives and whatnot.  Taking the Metro is SO much more pleasant without hundreds of thousands of excited feminists on hand!  It took us 45 seconds to get our tickets, rather than 45 minutes.

Remind us next time, when we attend a Live on Penn event, not to bother purchasing tickets.  Dude wouldn't let me in with a backpack!  Sonofa!  This turned out to be just fine.  We spread out my blanket on the grass off the road, and there WAS no grass in the middle of the road, where the "venue" was, so we lucked out.  I used my "ticket" to go in and get us drinks, though, cuz we were thirsty.  Dude, there was ONE tent selling non-alcoholic beverages.  And like four Arbor Mist tents and four Miller Lite tents, it was crazy.

It was a good concert.  They played a shitload of stuff from their new album, The Spine, but this is an album-support tour, so that's okay.  We do, however, wish that they would give certain songs a break.  But maybe they can't?  Maybe people will complain if they don't do "Birdhouse"?  I always say that there's no such thing as a casual Giants fan, but that's self-centered and possibly not true.  Hey, at least they didn't play "Particle Man".

Man, but Dan Hickey was not there!  Is he gone for good?  I totally feel as though the Band of Dans are truly part of the group, and it would make me sad to learn that Dan Hickey is gone for good.  My boyfriend Dan Miller was in fine form.  He was hatless; he played keyboard on "Dr. Worm"; he sang back-up with Flansy on "Stalk of Wheat" (LOVE that song), as well as played that little waggly instrument thing; his solo intro to Istanbul was the best I've heard him do.

As for the album, what do you guys think?  I like it.  And the more I listen to it, the more I like it.  There are some songs which are only okay, and I don't think that any of them have blown my socks off, yet.  But it's a solid album.  Want to hear my suggestion?  "Experimental Film" shouldn't be the first song, but it SHOULD have some horns in there.  Lose the Peter Buckesque guitar in the last few choruses -- gimme some of that HORN, son, BLASTING my shit at the end of that song. You can TELL where they're supposed to go, if you pay attention.  Good lord do I love a loud horn section in my rock-n-roll music.  If it had a proper horn element, then that song would join its brothers Dr. Worm, A Self Called Nowhere, and Spiralling Shape as Songs by Linnell That Are Totally Awesome And I Group Together For Some Reason Though I Couldn't Tell You Why Exactly Because I've Never Really Analyzed It Much.  I mean, c'mon, there are decent horns on ONE song (which I love, "Museum of Idiots") and then a little toot here or there elsewhere.  They Might Be Giants are 50% more rocking with a solid horn section.  Sez I.

We sleepily drove back home.  Jeff asked if I thought I would have a second wind when we got back to the Manse, and I scoffed at him, but it turned out that I did.  We hung out with Flapjack, and then the Chris came home and we hung out with him too, and then Dave came home and we all hung out together.  Dave brought out this little . . . um, plastic doll whose head you could move around, and it would play . . . stuff.  Beats, and lyrics, and scritcha-scritcha record sounds, depending on how you turned her head.  He claimed that she looked like me.  I think it was Collapse )

I made it to three or so, then fell asleep on the couch.  The next morning/noon, Hal came over, and the boys went over to 508 to play wiffle ball, and I went over to watch.  It was overcast.

That night, I watched the rerun of Enterprise, a new (to me) Voyager, and then I fell asleep on my couch.

I also fell asleep on my couch in front of the TV on Monday and Tuesday nights.  I need to just go to BED, man.
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