August 9th, 2004

mr. robin

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On Saturday I went up to Manhattan I mean Brooklyn to hang out with illscientist and mordicai.  We had Ethiopian food, which Ill and I had never eaten before.  We all liked it lots.  Then we mosied over to Brooklyn and formed a band and recorded demos.  I'm not sure what my role in the band is, yet, but I will think of something.  If worst comes to worst I will play the banjo.  Because I've already got one.

You can see the Statue of Liberty from the roof of Dave's new building.  We went up there to smoke and to talk about doing drugs, and not doing drugs, with Ill's new roommates.  It was a night of Communal Drinking.  We shared a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at the restaurant and then on the way to Ill's place bought a liter of Jim Beam and two liters of Pepsi and we almost polished everything off, which was pretty good, since we didn't get started on that until 10:30 pm.  This story is out of order, mostly.

Mordicai wandered home at around three, because he had to go to a wedding in New Jersey (he kept saying New Jersey as if it were the name of another country or possibly even another star system.  "Where is the wedding?"  "New Jersey.") the next morning.  Via bus.  Dave and I woke up and had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and then wandered around Manhattan on subway trains that did not run as they should.  He was late.  I hope that he was not fired.

But the best event of the whole trip took place while I was walking from the subway to Penn Station.  I was waiting on a corner for the light to change, and so were a lot a lot of other people.  And then the light changed and the walk sign didn't come on but whatever and 20 - 30 people entered the roadway at once from both sides and then this minivan with Vermont plates made a right turn to go down the street, and instead of stopping for the pedestrians like a normal person this guy slowed a little bit, laaaaaaaiiid on the horn, and then just started to plow through!  He didn't hit anyone, but you KNOW he had to be going in a dangerously fast way, because pedestrians surely do not get out of the way of slow moving vehicles.  Everyone in the street looked at him like he was fucking crazy, and from watching TV and movies you should know that it takes something pretty crazy to shock New Yorkers.  The thing that made it the best was that there were two cops standing RIGHT THERE at the intersection, and a large black female cop immediately told the Vermont guy to pull over, and she gave him a talking-to.  Man, Vermont drivers!
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