August 23rd, 2004


Ireland and also man I have a lot of stuff to do. Being a grown-up is hard.

Man, so Ireland was very beautiful.  And I made it in time to see the Polyphonic Spree last night.  The performance was very good, but the entire center section of the church sat on their asses the whole time, which was frustrating (as well as mind-boggling).  I tried standing up during one song but no one else followed suit and then a slow song came on so I sat down and I am shy and incapable of bringing hundreds of people to their feet.  So I wish that everyone would have stood up.  People are stupid.  After the band left the stage, the people started clapping to get them back out for an encore and THEN they stood up and I wanted to hit them.  NOW you stand up, now that there is no one up there?  Jerks.  Oh well it's okay, the performance was still very wonderful and energetic and sweaty.  It's funny now that I know their songs, though.  Before I'd be sitting there amazed at how things flowed together and came back around and got all big and now I know what's going to happen.  So on the one hand some of the romance is gone but on the other I can sing at the top of my lungs for an hour, so that's nice.

Now that my vacations are over I have to attempt to get my freaking shit together.  I doubt that I will ever get my shit entirely together ever in my life, but I have to at least try.  I have to move toward the goal of getting my shit together.  I must, at the very least, gaze in the general direction of my shit having gotten together.  I came home from Ireland to find that the payment for my student loan overdrew my checking account for the second time in three months.  I have a savings account that I started at the beginning of this year, but I am unable to access it because I can't find any of the information for it, i.e. account number, password, etc etc.  I need to clean my entire apartment.  I need to Drain-O my tub, and then clean that too.  I still have a hornet's nest above my balcony, and a kitchen drawer which has been broken for months.  I have somewhere between six and eight loads of laundry that need to be laundered.  I bought Ikea shelves two or three months ago, and have yet to put them together.  As well as a spice rack that needs to be hung, and a big leaf to install over my bed so that I feel as a little bug.  I have emails to return, and concerts for which to buy tickets.  My car's oil needs changing.  I have to find a way to repay my dad for part of the Ireland vacation.  Oh, and I'd like to buy a house?  Ha ha.  For what, so that THAT can be really dirty?  I think that maybe the only way I can own a home is if I also budget enough to have a maid come in twice a month.  The idea is at once absurd and completely necessary.

Ireland was beautiful.  We did a lot of driving around.  I took about 400 pictures, which means that they will almost certainly never see the light of day.  I had a great time, but I don't really feel like I have a lot of stories to tell, which is sort of a shame, but not too much.  We saw a lot of gardens, a lot of old-rich-peoples-homes, a lot of ruins, and a lot of sheep.  A LOT of sheep.  I even ate one on the last night.  Oh man, what a delicious leg of lamb that was, let me tell you.  Here are the things I went nine days without:  smoking (dope), drinking Jim Beam, whackin' off, sleeping past nine, cooking, smoking cloves (well, I had one), being on the internet (well, except for that one time), watching Star Trek, eating from Wawa.  It was a good week, and my family got along even better than I could have hoped.

Oh, and in addition to all that stuff up there that I have to do, I forgot to mention two things involving my job:  number one, see about taking the goddamned P.E. test (that's the test that will give me my Professional Engineer's license), (oh! and also one ay, figure out if I ever really did get my E.I.T. or what, I have a sneaking suspicion they never sent the thing, even though they told me I passed the test), and two, figure out what I want to do with my career.  I don't want to turn farmland into housing developments for the rest of my life.  It's embarrassing.  I can either do something more hippie-ish with my civil engineering experience, or blow it off altogether and go join the circus and become a lion tamer.  I am going to sit down and think really hard about that, right after I finish cleaning my tub.  Oh and also I have to cut my friends list down, sorry folks.

Oh and also I have to get back to writing LiveJournal posts that are actually interesting, and not entirely self-serving and annoying.  Bleh.

MAN I cannot wait for a balogna sandwich for lunch!

P.S. Here is a picture of Ireland that I took (from a boat):