August 25th, 2004

mr. robin

stranger to the sun, you've seen the light

So yesterday, I told you I was sick, right?  It must be an Irish cold, since I started it feeling it the day I left Ireland.  Irish colds are weird!  I'm sniffly, but I'm not stuffed up!  My head hurts, and I feel so, so tired, and last night I kept BURPING!!  Man, Irish cold!  Burping??

So yeah, yesterday I continued to feel worser and worser.  I took a nap during lunch, but that did the opposite of helping, and for most of the afternoon I was convinced that I was dying.  I went home and took a four hour nap, and then sat dazedly on my couch and watched some Bolympics, and then fell asleep.  I told myself that if I felt worse the next morning I would stay home from work, and I was convinced that I would, but dammit, this morning I felt better!  I mean I suppose I'm happy that I'm getting better already, but I was already looking forward to sleeping late and watching Star Trek.  Oh well.

So a few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted a Kirk icon for LiveJournal.  I went to this site that has screencaps from TOS episodes, and started saving a bunch, and when I looked at my collection, I realized that I had a few beauties.  I mean, this is William Shatner here, renowned for his overacting, the type of guy who, when someone else does an impression of his Jim Kirk, you say to yourself, Haha, that's pretty funny, but it's a little over-the-top and unrealistic and then you watch an episode of Star Trek and realize, Good lord, that actually is how he acted! Amazing!  So here is an icon set that I made, entitled Collapse ) I dunno, I thought they were really funny a few weeks ago, now I think they're just okay. Also, I think some of the comedic value is lost because of the way the table is breaking up the captions, but I've been messing with it and can't get it work right so fuckit. Fixed it. Any lack of comedic value is now entirely my fault.

Also, if you have a favorite one, tell me which one it is.