September 8th, 2004

shelley - reading


Hey, I should have done this weeks ago, but I didn't, so I'm doing it now.

I may be a lazy selfish fuck, but my friends are not.  Next weekend, several friends of mine will be riding bikes from this side of Jersey to the other side of Jersey, which is 75 miles each way.  It's the MS 150 City-to-Shore Bike Tour, and they'll be raising money for the National Mulitple Sclerosis Society.

Here are the appropriate links:  Tami (LiveJournal's own tamisevens), Mickie (tawdryjones), and Kevin (nocoins).

Those right there, those are the places to which you should go, in order to donate money towards their rides.  This is the first year for all of them, and they've all surpassed their donation goals.

The slacker in the group is Ben (schtune).  And of course I'm kidding, because the only reason Ben hasn't met his goal yet is that he made so much money last year, he set this year's goal to be one million dollars.  And of course I'm kidding, it's $1,000, but man, that sort of seems like a million dollars when you're trying to get people to give you money out of the goodness of their hearts, receiving nothing in return.

Except that you can!  Receive something in return, I mean.  If you just can't justify giving money away for such a good cause, because you're heartless and unfeeling, then have I got good news for you!  Two of Ben's most talented friends are donating shit they found around the house stunning, collectible artwork, in exchange for donations to Ben's MS ride.  Here's Manning's stuff:  LINK; and here is Jon's stuff:  LINK.  Just pick out what you want, donate the appropriate amount, et cetera et cetera.  You get art!  Ben meets his goal!  Everybody wins!

And even if those things don't interest you, donate anyway!  You don't have to shell out twenty bucks if you don't want to, every five dollars will help.  It will be very exciting if Ben raises over $1,000, and you can say that you were a part of that.

So, yes.  If you've cut someone off in traffic recently, or snapped at your mom, or failed to correct the cashier at Wawa when she gave you too much change, I recommend that you donate to sombody's MS ride.  Cuz you never know when it's going to be too late to even out those scales.

I mean, if you believe in that sort of thing.