September 9th, 2004

spock and that romulan hussy

MORE hornets!

This morning I woke up hoping that it might be Friday, but it's only Thursday.  That's okay though, because I'm going to see the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra tonight, so that's pretty sweet.  I saw them at Bonnaroo last year and then at the North Star Bar a few months ago and now tonight at the TLA.  I'm going to take some Vivarin so that I don't get too sleepy.

I don't have any plans this weekend, not a single one, and that's the first time that's happened since the weekend of July 31st, which was 6 weeks ago.  (Actually, that was the weekend of the Leo Birthday Party, but I didn't have to leave South Jersey, so it's cool.)  I'm pretty excited.  Hopefully I will work a lot of overtime ($$!  I am determined not to have to renew my lease next August, YES I know I've been saying that for two years) and get laundry done, but probably I will sleep a lot and watch tv.  We'll see.

Man, remember the hornet fiasco of last week?  It continues!!  Last night I went out to cook on the grill on my balcony again, confident that the hornets' nest had been vanquished.  I mean, it was gone, wasn't it, and there were weird things hanging down from where the nest used to be, but I checked them a few days in a row, and they didn't seem to have moved, so I figured they were hornet carcasses.  (The nest isn't directly over my balcony, so it's hard to get a close look).  The briquettes didn't light up properly right away (frustrating, because last week, they burned down perfectly all alone out there with the hornets), so I had to go out there a few more times with the lighter fluid.  The last time, Dave and Mitch came out with me, and it lit with a satisfying WHOOMP, and then Mitch said, "hey, a hornet!" and ran inside the house and then Dave and I looked up and HOLY SHIT THERE WERE FIFTEEN HORNETS SWOOPING AROUND THE LIGHT AGAIN!!  Dave ran inside, I went back for the chicken and then followed closely, slamming the door behind me.  I ended up sauteéing the chicken on the stovetop.  But seriously man, these fuckers!!  Where are they??  Time to hide the drugs and call maintenance again.  Also, Mitch and Dave claimed that they saw the Queen Bee out there, they say she was twice the size of all the other hornets (not combined).  I didn't spot her myself, but I think I believe them. She's the mastermind behind the whole operation.

So hey, guess what I have for you?  Pictures!  Old pictures!

Last Valentine's Day, not this past one but the last one, I went to see They Might Be Giants perform what was billed as an "intimate" performance at Joe's Pub, along with Jeff, Michelle, Kevin, and Teege.  And it really was!  We sat down, and the tables had TABLECLOTHS, and the drinks were expensive, so it must have been intimate.  We were pretty near to the front, off to the side a little.  At the time I was a bit jaded and bitter about They Might Be Giants performance of late:  they kept playing near-identical setlists, and it was frustrating.  So this evening was really, really nice and lovely, and was a wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day.  Also, this was the night that Michelle and Teege first got together, and that's sort of really sweet to think about.

Click on the pictures below to see the whole set!  Also (very short) video clips!

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Oh man and also, this morning a guy at work two-ways my boss from the field, to tell him that he's whacked hisself in the hand with a machete, and he's probably going to need about a dozen stitches, and he's on his way to the hospital.  (Luckily, the job site is a block away from Kennedy.)  He was really calm and matter-of-fact about it.  Bruce sent someone from the office to go down and make sure everything was taken care of, and he said it looked really bad.  Man.

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Man, the other day I turned on the tv and CSI was on.  And a dude was walking inside a bus which had crashed and was on its side, and he picked up a paper bag near the front of the bus, and then it did that artsy CSI thing where it shows the inside of the bag in grainy, overexposed, jumpy cuts, and it was a broken bottle of Jim Beam!  And I was delighted, because I had just come home from a late night (well, 10pm is late night on a Tuesday) bourbon run, and I said "YEAH Jim Beam" to the television and then the guy handed it to the leader guy and announced it as a "broken bottle of cheap whiskey" and I yelled "CHEAP WHISKEY???" at the television and changed the channel.  I may also have said "well I never."

Also, I'd like to add that in the later seasons, when he has a beard, I think the head guy is totally sexy.  Which is funny, because I don't think he's that attractive at all.  I guess it's because he's smart?  And arrogant?  Maybe I think arrogance is sexy.  (To a point).