September 18th, 2004

spock is crazy!


Last night I slept on the couch at the Manse with Loki.  I had two dreams this morning, and they were both nightmares.

In the first dream, I was at the balcony of my apartment with Jeff, and I had the spray can of anti-hornet foam that I purchased (in real life) last week.  I tried to spray the hornets' nest, but the foam sucked, and only went like three feet, and all it did was sort of make them mad.  And then the can started to hiss, like it was going to explode.  So Jeff ended up getting stuck out on the balcony (but the hornets weren't stinging him or anything, so it wasn't too bad).  And I put the can right on the other side of the door, and crouched on the other end of the kitchen, even though I have a whole big apartment to hide in.  And as the can was getting louder, Henry jumped up on the windowsill near the door, but I thought he would be safe there, and I didn't want to bother him, so I let him sit there, and then I turned away and the can exploded and when I looked back, Henry had exploded too, and there were cat parts all over the kitchen floor, and it was so so so so sad and it was all my fault that my cat exploded.  AND I started thinking of getting a new cat, even whilst I was looking at the parts on the floor.  It was terrible.

In the second dream, Jeff and Gina and Hal and Michelle and Teege and I were on some sort of road trip or camping trip or something.  And we were walking down this street, but it was a shore town, and you had to walk on everyone's wooden decks and then down and then up the next one.  And in this one house we had to walk through the house, and in the living room the tv was on, showing football.  So Jeff said "hey let's watch a little football before the people wake up."  So we sat down, but then some of the people in the house woke up and started eating breakfast in the kitchen, so we snuck out.  But Jeff had left his bag in the living room, and it had pot in it and other important things like his passport, so we had to go back but the mom didn't like us AT ALL and wouldnt' give it back, and we had to talk to the kids and there were like nine of them and their bedrooms in the basement looked like a hotel hallway and then I tried to track one of the kids down at his school, which looked like a mall, and I was in the cafeteria talking to him but I had a cup of Jim Beam and Pepsi with me and the lunch monitor made me leave and it was awful.  I'm glad I finally woke up.