September 23rd, 2004

toshiro mifune in his car

"and i've been rubbin' my head against my neck"

I'm tired.

I know I always say that, but today I just feel very weary, and I wish I could go home and sleep for a bit.  I took a brief nap at lunch.  I've been within 30 pages of finishing I, Claudius all week, because I've been taking a nap as soon as I finish eating.  [Also, I haven't bought Claudius the King yet, that is the second book, and I don't want to read a book in between.]

Last night Jeff and I watched the first hour and a half of Shogun.  The guy who plays Omi looks very familiar, I'll have to look him up.  And John Rhys-Davies is in it!  He was in I, Claudius, too, a very young and very thin John Rhys-Davies.  It is good so far, I like it.  Toshiro Mifune looks old.  For some reasons it was good that I read the book, because everyone who isn't Japanese just speaks english (usually with a British accent, even though Blackthorne's the only Englishman), so I could tell Jeff who was Dutch and who was Portuguese etc etc.  But I also did that thing where you say "that's not how it was in the book!" and that's annoying so I'll have to try to stop.

I was practically falling asleep before we turned the DVD off, but after Jeff left at 11:30 I went to the computer to try to get some work done, and I didn't end up getting into bed until two.  I'm impatient to get some of these Europe pictures out there.  I also decided to suck it up and just table the hell out of it.  I'd love to figure out how to do everything using only CSS, but at one in the morning I don't give a damn about finesse, but I DO want to get something done before I get to sleep.

While I was working on the computer, Henry was bumbling around somewhere next to me near the TV, but I ignored him for a while.  Then I looked over and he was sitting on TOP of the TV (the back part where the tube sticks out, not the tippy top, I have stuff on the tippy top).  Not only that, he was looking UP at the top of my bookcase, as though he wanted to jump up there!  No freaking way my man, because you will not make it and you will knock off tchotchkes and/or my globe!  I picked him up and put him down.

So later, I'm in bed.  It's the three minute period between when I lay (lie?) down and when I fall asleep, and Henry is making ALL kinds of noise in my room, which he shouldn't be doing, he should be laying (lying?) against my legs like a normal person.  I make kissy noises to entice him to my side, but it doesn't work, and I try to ignore him, but it doesn't work, so I turn on the lights and look up and he is SITTING ON TOP OF MY WARDROBE (see below).  Amazing!  Why would you even want to GO up there at night?  There's nothing up there!  He's standing there stock still, staring at me, so I roll my eyes and say "you are one weird cat, cat" and turn the light off again.  A short time later he jumps down, and I didn't hear an intermediate jump.  I think he leapt all the way down!  That's insane.  I'm proud.

Cats like to be up high.  Henry used to sit on top of the kitchen cabinets, to watch me as I washed dishes, but he doesn't anymore.  I guess because he can't get to the top of the refrigerator, as it is covered in a) stock pots (I have three and a half!  I don't know where to put them!), b) a fire extinguisher, and c) a huge can of gefilte fish.  My parents' cat Socks used to appear on our neighbor's roof, peering down into their chimney.  I should build Henry a tall thingie to climb, how hard could that be?  I'd be pissed if he didn't use it, though.

So I think I'm going to work for a little while longer and then go home.  I STILL haven't done any laundry, and I don't know when I'll be able to do that.  Saturday I'm busy, and Sunday is football.  That's the thing about football season -- it's awesome because it's football season, but then your weekends are only really one day long, in terms of getting things done.  (Not in terms of drinking all day and sitting around, of course, but you know).

I'm tired.

UPDATE: HAHAHA oh man, remember how I said the guy who played Omi looked familiar? I imdb'd him, and I must be mistaken beause he isn't in anything I've seen, however, he played LUPIN THE FREAKING THIRD!!! A live action Lupin III, that is! That is so weird! Also check out the screenshots! Haha oh man that is totally bizarre. That Fujiko looks pretty perfect, though.

MAN PS Apparently "Lupin" is "Rupan" in Japanese! I guess that makes sense but it still seems totally fucked up, doesn't it?

PPS While we're on the subject, check out this fake Lupin III movie poster, starring Jason Lee, with Bruce Campbell as Zenigata. It's pretty funny. That guy also has a good one for Vash the Stampede, with Orlando Bloom as Vash.