September 30th, 2004


Drinking in Brooklyn

So this past Saturday, right, I got my hair did, and then I drove/trained up to Brooklyn to hang out.  nineof26 was in town.  By the time I got to mordicai and pravda's place they were already mostly through a bottle of vodka and a bottle of whiskey.  (Oh also M's cute Barbadosian coworker Christopher was there).  M made me a gremlin, which is two parts whiskey and one part lime something.  Not lime juice, but some sort of lime mix.  I don't know.  It sounds scary, but it was actually pretty good, and made the ineibriation come with the quickness.  Also don't dis gremlins or Jenny will give you what-for.

So they coerced the illscientist into coming over, he bailed on some sort of totally awesome barbecue, where he was going to have sex with thousands of women, just to hang out with us.  We played Trivial Pursuit on the original board and I got a chip question right, the answer to which was "Linda Ronstadt", which was sort of mind-blowing, I mean what the hell do I know about Linda Rondstadt?  NOTHING I SWEAR.  I blame my parents.

After the game was tied at two pieces we realized we were all frustrated so we stopped playing and went downstairs and smoked some cloves instead.  And then we went to the Beer Store and bought beer.  And then we drank it all.  And then everyone went home and I slept on the futon and in the morning Jenny came out to hug me goodbye and I went home and watched football and had a hangover headache all day behind my eye, but as long as it's only the headache part, I don't mind so much.

I like my Brooklyn friends.  Thanks be to LiveJournal.  (I could get sappier but I don't want to embarrass anyone.)  Also it occured to Dave (Ill) and I that we've been friends for ten years.

Man, TWO times on Saturday (first Kelly and then Jenny) somebody asked someone else incredulously "don't you read her LiveJournal??" which for some reason I found totally awesome.  I am all abouts keeping the public informed, I'm glad the ladies are paying attention to the extremely important goings-on in my life i.e. I totally need to watch football on Sundays.

There are a bunch of drunken pictures at this link and here are a couple for your amusement.

mordicai, pravda

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