October 1st, 2004

mirror spock

come on you raver, you seer of visions

Hey, I really wish I had been able to watch the "debate" last night, but I was in Philly seeing the Roots.  I have no regrets.

I went with Jeff, Vince, and Flapjack.  And we sort of met Hakim and Gail at the show, but it was super crowded and we got into the venue at different times, so we didn't sit with them or anything.  But that's okay, we all saw the same great show.

When we finally got in (the Trocadero has a very long line to get in, even after the performance has started!  Is it always like that?), we went up to the bar.  It was in a small area, and you couldn't bring drinks out (this didn't bother me, or anything, but it's central to the story).  Hey, and Flapjack had a (legal) drink at a show for the first time in his life!  Good lookin' out, Flapjack!  So we each had a beer, while the first act was on stage.  I don't know who they were, I think it was a couple of chicks.  You couldn't hear the performance in the bar, which seemed . . . stupid.  Why not pipe it in?  Doesn't that encourage people to spend more money on alcohol?  I don't know.  So anyway, then we tried to leave, and they wouldn't let us.  For like fifteen minutes!  There was a whole bunch of people amassed around the exit, but the dude wouldn't let us out, and we didn't know why!  We even got a chant going (LET -- US -- OUT), but still he ignored us!  It was very frustrating.  At least we in the bar were united in our hatred of the doorman.  There was no pushing, and nobody yelled at each other, we just didn't like the door guy.  FINALLY they let us out, and it turned out that they had been clearing out the second floor (to which the bar exits), so that they could make the entire second floor 21+, and we could therefore bring drinks out there.  Well thanks a lot guys, that really is nice of you, but it also would have been nice to fucking TELL us that that's what you were doing.  I mean Christ, tell the girls in front, they'll pass the message back, but don't just stand there and not let us out!  Man.

So anyway, Common was the first act (that we saw).  He was really good (and really cute).  I don't know his music at all, but that was okay.  It was just him and a DJ, DJ Dummy (or possibly he spells it more cleverly than that).  And some guy came out for a song or two, mu-siq or whatever his name was, Jeff will correct me.

Then we waited for like FORTY FIVE MINUTES which seemed excessive.  C'mon, Roots, a lot of us have work tomorrow, cut us some roses over here.  But then they came on and were amazing.  Man, I sure do like seeing the Roots live.  As I was saying to the boys on the way to the show, this was the fourth (4th) time I've seen them, and yet I do not own a single Roots album.  I mean I guess I should, I just haven't gotten around to it.  But they are the kind of group that can be enjoyed, even if you're not familiar with their stuff.  Especially at the end.  They go crazy.  They do a medley of the greatest hits of today, along with some hits of not today.  It ALWAYS gets the crowd MAD HYPE.  And man, also the drummers went crazy.  And also the lead guitarist went crazy, and even played some shit on his fretboard and it reminded me of Buckethead and I am seeing Buckethead tomorrow night!  Lord God do I love me some live music.  It makes life worth living.  Even if I did nod off a few times in there.

So yeah, if you have an opportunity to see the Roots?  GO.  It doesn't matter if you don't know their music, GO ANYWAY.  Last night's ticket was $35 $46 after Ticketasster charges, which is more than I generally pay to see shows, but with Common there, it was worth it.  It was way worth it.

But you guys, I need your help.  You see, the song during which the guitarist flipped out, right, it was definitely a cover, and I definitely knew it, but I could not for the life of me put my finger on it.  You know how it is, when you know what a song is, but you can't remember, and you have to sing along until you get to the chorus and then you are like "AH YES!"?  Well that's how it was with me (and Jeff, he says he recognized it too), but there was no singing and we didn't get to the chorus and I am at a loss.

As the song was going along, I was trying to figure it out.  And "Pink Floyd" came to mind.  I don't know, I'm not sure, it's like when you can't remember a word but you just know it starts with an "F"?  That's how it was, I'm not sure what it was, but I thought maybe it was by Pink Floyd.  You can't really trust my instincts, though, because a lot of times I'll be POSITIVE that the word starts with F, and then it turns out to start wih M.  I also thought that it was "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," so the whole walk back to the train I would "bum, bum bum bum," the song that the Roots had played, and then warble (quietly) "shaaaaain owwwwn you craaaaaaaazy diiiaamund, bum bum bum." 

Jeff was not convinced.

I brought Wish You Were Here into work with me today, and then also listened to it in the car this afternoon, as I drove to and from a job site that I went to inspect.  I think maybe that it was not, in fact, "Shine On You Crazy Diamond."  And I'm not so sure that it was Pink Floyd, anymore. 

You can help!

See, last night, when I got home, I wanted to make sure that I didn't forget what the song at the concert sounded like.  My digital voice recorder is out of batteries, and the battery case is closed with tinyster screws, and I haven't gotten around to looking for my tinyster screwdriver jawn, so my only option was to make a recording with my camera.  MAN did it come out funny!  I mean I was shooting up at myself, which, aside from 3/4-from-behind is my least flattering angle.  So that's one thing.  I have numerous chins and whatnot. But the weird thing is that I am totally doing weird things with my mouth!  It looks like I am rolling or something!  I "bum bum bum" out of the right side of my mouth, and then I "bum bum bum" out of the left side!  I don't know why I am doing that!  Why am I doing that? Additionally, it appears as though I have marbles in my mouth!

Anyway, here's the video, please don't make fun of me:  it's 21 seconds long. If you recognize the tune (I can't sing, btw, will that be a problem?), please let me know immediately!

Also, here's a picture of me driving back to the office, singing along to Shine On You Crazy Diamond:

Good lord was it a beautiful day today.

I haven't listened to Pink Floyd in ages.  I used to listen to them a lot in high school, I have quite a few of their albums, though not nearly all.  I don't have a lot of the early stuff.  When I was in 10th grade, my boyfriend's favorite bands were They Might Be Giants and Pink Floyd.  I think I will dig the cd's out and work them into the rotation a bit.  They are good to sing along with. 

Man, by the way, I'm still here at the office! I'm the only one here! I'm supposed to make twenty-three (23) copies of my Stormwater Report, you see, but it is 203 pages/102 sheets long, and each report takes (I have estimated) about 10 minutes to print out. I should have not diddled around so much this morning! I have seven (7) more to go, and I sure as hell am not staying around until 7:30 to print out freaking reports, I will tell you that. Shit, the only reason I'm still here is the composition of this LiveJournal entry. I guess I'll fill up the paper tray and tell it to print out the rest and then skedaddle. Bruce or somebody can run the few remaining copies tomorrow, or heck Monday, I'm pretty sure they're not going out until Monday.

OOH but first I'll show you a picture of the jobsite, that will be exciting. Standby.

That hole doesn't look as though it's ~20 feet deep at the far end, but trust me, it is. And that's a pretty massive excavator back there.

I actually have a lot to expound upon involving field inspection, and how much I like construction workers, but I don't really feel like sticking around here anymore. It is Friday night, after all.

Oh by the way, which one's Pink?