October 13th, 2004

mr. robin

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Jeff and Curt and I were supposed to see Critters Buggin at the TLA last night, but when we got there we discovered that the show was cancelled.  (Or postponed, hopefully).  Bummer.  So we went to Manny Brown's and had two-dollar Coronas, and then we went to Lorenzo's and had two-dollar pizza slices.  A guy came by trying to sell his CD, filled with "sixteen thousand tricks," if I recall correctly.  Curt bought that shit for five bucks.  I think the guy's name was BK.  I can't wait to see what the album is like.  And if there really are that many tricks on it.

I ordered the most important part of my costume from a place in Las Vegas back on Sept. 11th.  On the 27th I emailed them a note asking them about something related, and the reply said that my order had been shipped the 25th.  This was obviously a lie (or at least, incorrect information) because I still have not received it.  I just called them -- ON THE PHONE -- and the guy who answered was so nice that when he said that he had either sent it out two days ago, or twenty minutes ago (he didn't ask for an order number or nothin', just asked, "what did you order?"), I didn't mention the previous email.  So hopefully hopefully hopefully, I will receive this very important item by Friday, so that I can go up to my parents' house and use my mom's sewing machine as I had planned.  If worse comes to worst I can just borrow the thing, but I was hoping that my mom could help me out too, you know.  I mean don't get me wrong, I'm an excellent sewer -- I took a sewing class in Girl Scouts when I was nine, and that was only, what, seventeen years ago?  So I should be fine.  But a little help couldn't hurt.

Debate tonight!  I'm excited.  And ready to drink.

Also, Four years ago, Alabama repealed a ban on interracial marriage, but 40 percent of the state voted in favor of the ban.  I seriously don't get it.  It's like I'm living in an entirely different country (century?) than these people.
spock at his viewer

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Not unsurpringly, Netflix recommended to me the DVD Amazing Earth (it is narrated by Patrick Stewart).  I like science, so I click on it, and read the reviews. 

Of the six reviews on the first page, two people give it 5 stars, one person a 4, two people 3 stars, and one person gives it just one star.  Here is his review:

Matthew Fisher       4 out of 36 people found this review helpful.

This was complete evolutionary garbage. I suppose if you believe in evolution you might find this interesting. Keep in mind that evolution, at best, is a wild theory. The idea that our planet was formed even in part by meteoric activity is laughable. And yet, this is all presented as fact.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think that the theory of evolution is a bit fishy myself. I think that maybe there is more to it than that. In regards to the evolution of animals etc. But this movie is about geology.