October 22nd, 2004

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Oh hey, I think that Elvis Costello is being interviewed on the World Cafe right now on 88.5?  I don't have a radio in here . . .
james t. kirk - happy

why did i waste it? why didn't i taste it?

My Halloween pattern came yesterday!  Ohhhhh I am so very very relieved and excited.  This weekend is costume-makin' time, that is for damn sure.  Well, I'll probably come in to work for a few hours tomorrow.  And watch the Eagles game at the Manse on Sunday.  But besides that, only costume-makin'!

Man, you'd think that for all my bitching and moaning and wringing of hands, I'd be totally ready to get going.  But I'm not.  I bought fabric a couple weekends ago, and it's okay, but it's pretty thin and I'm afraid I'll be cold out there on the porch, smoking cigarettes, so I want to go out and see if I can find something better.  Also I have to wash the fabric, just in case it plans on shrinking.  Also I need a zipper.  Oh good lord does the zipper scare me.  I don't sew, but I hear that the zipper is a bitch.  And I don't know if my mom's sewing machine has a -- a -- um, zipper foot?  I forget already, I read it on some sewing website this morning.  Eh whatever, I'll worry about that when I come to it.

So man, how about those trees, eh?  Good lord is it gorgeous out there.  Yesterday I rode around with Bruce and went to a couple of meetings.  I was supposed to only go to one, but it ran late so I had to go to the next one, too.  We spent a lot of time on 295, and then driving around nice suburbs, and man oh man.  I just looked at as many trees as I could, tried to eat them up with my eyes.  This is the week, my man, this is the week.  My favorites are the ones that are yellow on one side and red on the other and amazing in the middle.  Man!

Like, okay, you know these new ugly housing developments?  Er, the ones I help design?  They need TREES is what they need.  We don't plant enough trees, if I moved into one of those developments (which I would not), the first thing I would do would be to plant like ten trees on my tiny postage-stamp lot.  REAL trees, like maples and shit.  You know, so that the owner thirty years down the line could benefit.  But still!  Trees!  I happen to think that suburbs are beautiful, when there are trees and nice houses and nice kids and good roads.  But the trees are key.

Especially when they are on FIRE!  Man, those TREES out there!  Those ORANGES!  Hey Chunt, is that tree outside of your building that bright yellow?  Man we loved that tree.

Man, autumn.

So . . . yeah.  I thought I had more to say, but it turns out that being really excited about stuff doesn't necessarily mean you have a lot to say.  Oh well.  Have a great weekend, everybody!  And if you live in the northeast (or anywhere else where the leaves are turning) (or hell anywhere, for that matter,) for god's sake, man, make sure to take a good look around you this weekend.

live life
live life like you're gonna die
because you're gonna
i hate to be the bearer of bad news
but you're gonna die
maybe not today or even next year
but before you know it
you'll be saying
"is this all there was?
what was all the fuss?
why did i bother?"
maybe you won't suffer
maybe it's quick
but you'll have time to think
"why did i waste it?
why didn't i taste it?"
you'll have time
cuz you're
gonna die.

-William Shatner, 2004

Oh wait, I remember, I was going to talk about how I really liked being in those meetings, and that sometimes I really like being an engineer.  It's like when I was little and at gatherings I'd almost always prefer to hang out with the grownups, listening to them talk, even though I had nothing to add and didn't understand it all. I understand most of this, of course, but I don't say anything, I just sit there listening to them talk about review letters and township ordinances and reinforced concrete pipe and I find it totally interesting. Also, the owner of this one property is so Green, and she wants to make her development so so Green, and I love her and want to live in the farmhouse with her and have little Asian children and be nice to people and rich and happy.  She's what *I* would be if I had a whole lot of money, and a buttload of land that my dad left me.  This project has a lot of potential to not be depressing, and I'm very excited to hear how it comes out.  Her requests encourage a lot of rolling of eyes, but too bad!  Finally someone is fighting for the forces of Good.