October 27th, 2004

dr. pulaski old skool stylee

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I'm pretty sure that my dream last night had appearances by both Bush and Kerry, and the night before by Kerry and Clinton.  Dreaming about politics?  Are you serious?  THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.  I can't wait to get election day over with.  Jesus. 

I think I'm going to vote in the morning before work.  Get it out of the way.  I have to do a presentation in front of a zoning board the next morning (!), so in case I have to stay late at work Tuesday night, I don't want to start freaking out about it.

If we win, then I want to watch the whole goddamn thing on the big screen at the Manse.  I don't know if we're going to win, though, and I don't think I could take watching it that big if we lose.

I remember last time.  I was on a business trip for work (Amtrak).  I watched the election results come in on a hotel tv.  I went to bed thinking that Gore had won, but then the next day was a whole 'nother story.  I had to ride around for a few days with this guy from work, a Christian fellow who kept NPR on the whole time so we could follow the debacle.  He also had a cell phone the size of a cheesesteak that had LEDs.  Not an LCD display, LEDs!!  They lit up, they were red and orange and green and digital!  Like a freaking alarm clock! Oldest cell phone ever.

I sort of hated that guy because he had me do data entry for WEEKS, when HELLO I am an engineer supposed to be learning about engineering.  He totally conned my bosses into thinking that he had me working on this exciting project, they had no idea I was doing goddamn data entry for two weeks.  That's a LONG time to be doing the same goddamned data entry.  I did get to work up on the fourth floor, though, and made a couple friends with these guys.  They were funny and nice, and they were sorry when I quit.  Anyway.

So, yeah.

I'm probably going to be working late tonight -- I have to get this stormwater designed.  But then after that I'm going to go home and work on (and maybe even finish?) my costume, and I'm pretty excited about that.  I sewed a costume last weekend, you see, and it came out all right, but it was a little small.  And my first sewing project since, as I mentioned previously, I was ten or so.  So rather than hem and finish the thing, I decided to start all over, because I can learn from my mistakes and make my seams straighter etc etc.  See, I knew this would happen, which is why I wanted that pattern WEEKS ago!  But no matter, I'll get it done and it will be great.

Jeff and I went to see David Sedaris at the Verizon Hall of the Kimmel Center last night.  He was pretty great.  He read an as-yet-unpublished story about a boil and Hugh, and something called "Einstein Baby" about the birth of his brother (the Rooster)'s daughter.  (I think that's in his book that was just released, I haven't read it yet).  And then he read a bunch of stuff from his diary.  And recommended a book (The Columnist) and a thing (Germany).  And then took inane questions from the audience, but only for fifteen minutes, thank goodness.

Jeff and I were early (!).  As we sat in our seats (Verizon Hall is beautiful, by the way) we observed the other people in the audience, and Jeff seemed perplexed by the crowd.  He said that they didn't seem to make sense.  They made sense to me, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  We sat there for a few minutes in silence, contemplating our companions, and came to the same conclusion at the same time:  they were NPR listeners.  That sort of explained everything. 

The first time I ever heard of David Sedaris,  I was at home by myself, high, watching David Letterman, and he (not Letterman) read something from Me Talk Pretty One Day.  And so I wrote his name down in my notebook.

Another thing for which I am excited, tonight, is the lunar eclipse.  Tonight I will sew my costume and watch the lunar eclipse and finish the second season of TNG!  All by myself!  It's going to be great.