November 2nd, 2004

james t. kirk - stumped

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I voted!  At 8:25 this morning.

I'd enourage everyone at work to vote, but I don't think that I really want them to.  So I'll keep my mouth shut. 

You know, on the one hand it's good that Bush didn't "miraculously" capture Osama bin Ladin right before the election, because it would have been bullshit, but on the other, shit, it would have been nice if we had actually caught the fucker.

I hope nothing bad happens today.

I think that if it is not a landslide, we won't know the true winner for weeks or more.  But there is a tiny part of me that believes that it just might be a landslide.  It just might.  We'll see.
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Hey, I found a neat article on how exit polls work.  If you're interested.

I think that after work I'm going to go home and edit the Halloween pictures whilst watching the results on teevee.  I think I'll smoke some weed, too.  Just to be irreverent.

Tomorrow morning I'm in charge of making a presentation to a zoning board.  (Or maybe it's a planning board, I can't remember).  I've never done it before, and I suppose I should be nervous, but I'm not at all.  Bruce will be there and everything -- he is the P.E. after all -- but I'll be making the initial spiel.

Whatever, who cares.  I just want Bush to lose by a landslide.  I hope he cries himself to sleep tonight, totally floored that the country doesn't love him.  WE DON'T LOVE YOU.