November 9th, 2004

james t. kirk - reflective

reindeer bell

I think it is totally weird that they've made a MOVIE of The Polar Express. I mean, it's not a very long book. And Tom Hanks plays a gazillion parts? Including the KID, is that right? Totally weird.

Also, it's not the story in particular, the thing about that book. It's the art, and how it goes along with the story.

Man, that book though, right? Are you as familiar with it as I am? It is a gorgeous, gorgeous thing. I can't believe I can't remember the guy's name, I'm going to go have to look it up. Ah yes, Chris Van Allsburg. (Click on that link and look through the book, if you haven't before). Man, my mom loves that guy, I used to buy his books for her for Christmas.

In other Christmas-related news, I heard my first Chirstmas music of the season, whilst grocery shopping earlier this evening. And so, as the only song I've heard so far, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" is in the early lead as my favorite Christmas song of the season. I sang it real loud, even though I can't sing. Those really low baritony notes are fun. Nobody hit on me, unfortunately, though there actually were two or three boys my age there this time. Y'see, for a little while there -- like two and a half days or something -- I was actually feeling a bit restless, feeling like I might be in the mood to actually date somebody for a little while. (Don't worry, I'm already over it). And I don't go out, really, the only time I'm ever out in public is at the grocery store. (Well, and the liquor store too.) So it's just as well that the feeling passed, because if no one falls in love with me as I'm singing over the sweet dumpling squashes, I'm shit out of luck.