November 19th, 2004

the polyphonic spree

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I am bopping as I type.

My man Rhino sent me a whole bunch of Polyphonic Spree bootlegs.  A whole bunch!  Six discs worth!  Maybe seven!  It's hard to count up that high!

Right now I'm listening to the song for which Jeff and I were extremely eager to appear on the new album, and then it did not appear!  It was our favorite one at the concerts!  He called it "The Best Part", because that's the name of it, and I call it "The One Where They're In The Backyard." 

It's the B-side of some Japanese single, maybe?  And we're hoping it will appear as a B-side stateside.  Because I want to hear a studio version.

But for right now?  I am very happy.  Thank you so much, Rhino, you are the best.

(Also, I might be getting that all wrong, because 'Spree songs run into each other and sometimes one song seems like it should really be three, and other times three songs seem like they should be one.  I can't remember if there are three songs that they always play in a row of which The Best Part is one, or if The Best Part describes all three of those sections, including the one where they're in the backyard.  But if you know I'm wrong, then you know what I'm talking about anyway, and if you didn't realize I'm wrong, then it doesn't matter.)
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