Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Bah! or Don't Read This Post, It Fucking Sucks

What a crappy day.

It's Monday. I'm tired. Don't even TALK to me about yesterday, what a fucking disappointment. My head hurts. I'm not hungry. The Chinese food I ate yesterday made my tummy hurt for a while, but that passed, but now I feel all weird and nauseous.

Man, and I was one of four people still surviving in my company's playoff pool. I am no longer. I could have won $145 -- enough to justify the purchase of a digital camera.

I'm broke and I'm fat, yet I find it nearly impossible to budget or to curb my eating or begin exercising.

This morning the stupid girl with the loud, cracking voice that makes my soul hurt started talking to Wayne before he even got a chance to sit down about 401(k)'s and IRA's and Bitch, it's a day of mourning! Shut the fuck up! Or at least wait 30 minutes; I understand that I'm especially grumpy in the morning, but come on, MOST people need a little time in the morning to wake up, shut up! I don't know why she bothers discussing stuff like that anyhow, she always already knows exactly what she's doing and knows that your thoughts on the matter are WRONG, she's a total engineer. She just likes to hear herself talk, I guess, which is bizarre because her voice is AWFUL!

I went to Kate's party and it was really good and PACKED OUT when I got there -- like, I couldn't move in the kitchen. Seriously. And I was the last one to leave which means I win. I was looking to hook up, but man, like every guy was short, seriously. It was ridiculous. I was looking over everyone's head. I may have low standards, but they're not THAT low (hyuk hyuk). Luckily for the guys, all the GIRLS were short too so I was probably one of the few people who noticed.

Man, like seriously, nauseous. Or excuse me "nauseated", is that a different word or something? Whatever.

Dude, SAVE IT FOR THE WHINING THREAD and also please don't read this post, it fucking SUCKS! I want to go back to bed. Bah.

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