January 6th, 2005

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This morning I Collapse )

But getting back to the kissing thing -- it wasn't until someone on my Friends list mentioned her lack of kissee-variety in 2004 that I realized that I did not make out with anyone in 2004 either!  There was a brief enounter with a largely-unwilling girl, and I may have kissed one boy, and that's IT!  This is (I'm pretty sure) unprecedented!  I am totally easy and sleepy-aroundy when I'm single!  Usually!  The principle of the thing sort of bothers me, on an intellectual level, and I guess when I first thought about it I was a little "awwww", but now I'm more "ehhh."  I guess the longer I go without, the harder it is to remember how potentially awesome it is.  Oh well.  Kaiidth, man -- what is, is.

I had lunch with my friend Crystal today.  It was so nice to see her.  She looked great.  She's in her own place, living by herself, and she has a cat, and she's happy with her boyfriend, and her hair is long, and she was wearing two of those cancer bracelets, a pink one and a yellow one, and they looked so colorful and pretty together.  She told me to get married in Vegas.

I'm going to Vegas!  On Sunday!  With Jeff, Dave, Kevin, and Chris.  We're going to be there for three nights, and it is going to be totally awes and I am really excited.  Hey people who have been to Vegas, is there anything I should not miss?

I never got around to talking about Christmas or New Years.  Christmas Eve Eve was great, people gathered at the Manse and we went bowling (I was awful, absolutely awful) and I saw Hakim for the last time for a while, I guess he's moving to New Mexico or something.  Christmas was great too, I went up to my parents' house and my grandparents came over and gave us too much money, and my parents gave us too many presents.  Highlights included a DVD burner (external, and silver and shiny, it looks like a spaceship.  I like things to look like spaceships) and a hot air popcorn popper.  My brother gave me the new Shatner album (as requested) as well as the OLD Shatner album (NOT requested) and I'm scared to listen to it.  I'll probably be embarrassed for Bill at first, but then what if I end up LIKING it?  Oh horrors.

Man, besides that, though, no Star Trek-related gifts!  I was surprised.  I mean, that's so easy, no?  I guess they don't want to encourage me.

Christmas evening, we ate my mom's pork roast (YUM) and then dessert of pound cake and brownies (YUM, YUM) and then sat around to watch Eddie Izzard's Dress to Kill.  Man, you just don't realize how many times a transvestite comic says "fuck" until you watch him on Christmas with your grandparents, I will tell you what.  Geez.  I think they liked him, though.

The day after Christmas, I hung around, you know, ready to spend quality time with the fam, and they LEFT ME!  They all left!  Mom went to a wedding, Dad went to work, and the bro went out to . . . watch a college football game or something.  I stayed home and did laundry all day.  So I smoked!  Out my bedroom window!  It was crazy!  I didn't start smoking the devil weed until college, so it's odd for me to be high in my parents' home.  I ate like five pounds of Christmas candy, damn you Christmas candy!!!

Oh, and the GIVING of presents!  That's the best part, remember?  I got my mom a santuko knife and my dad a bunch of books that I've already read, so that we can talk about them later.  I thought that was a pretty good gift, but he didn't seem as thrilled as I thought he would be.  He's never as thrilled as I think he'll be about stuff that I'm proud of giving him.  Oh well, maybe he's just not good at showing excitement, or maybe the gifts aren't as awesome as I think they are.  Whatever, that's okay.  I got my brother a boring (but practical) gift of a USB drive key jump thing (so many names for it!) but mostly I was excited to give him a Nightmare Before Christmas hat that he wanted.  Chris and I teamed up to get Jeff a digital camera, and that one I was really excited about too.  It's so SMALL!  It's way smaller than mine.  And when I exchanged gifts with Jeff, I finally got something Star Trek!  The 2005 calendar!  I totally wanted it but hesitated to buy it because I didn't want to be a loser or something but now I have it anyway!  Hooray!  Jeff also got me my only video game of the season, it's called Alien Hominid and it is totally weird!  I like it.  It's like Contra, but cartoony.  And you can do weird things, like jump on guys and bite their heads off.  And when you're close to someone and you shoot them, it makes a meat-slicing sound.  Ew.

New Year's Eve was great!  There was a party at the Manse.  Fairly subdued compared to years past, but still great.  I was up until five am, and I didn't even do any drugs!  Amazing.  And I think I got drunk.  But then I got undrunk again.  Oh man, and my outfit!  I like to dress up all fancy for New Years, whether it's a dress that makes me look like a princess, or a shirt where my nipples are showing, or something like that.  I didn't feel like spending money on a new dress, but I didn't have anything fancy that hadn't been worn recently.  I tossed around the idea of wearing my Halloween costume Star Trek uniform to the party, because, you know, that's sort of formal, and then Jeff said I should put white fur around the edges so I DID!  Well, maribou feathers, but whatever!  I festivized it!  It was totally ridiculous and totally adorable.  I felt great.  I mean, these are my friends, right?  They already know what a dork I am, I have no need to disguise my true nature.  Especially if my true nature involves a really short skirt!  Oh also I found fishnet stockings at the mall with a BLUE (to match the uniform) seam down the back for less than four bucks, what are the odds of that?  Flapjack kept trying to talk me into making out with him, and I kept insisting that I am too old for that shit.  Oh man, and SUAVE was there!  I hadn't seen Suave since the Leo Party back in July/August!  Suave rules.

In the morning, Vince made flapjacks (not the guy).  They were delicious.  Then we watched A New Hope and I fell asleep during the destroying-the-Death-Star scene again.  Man, Star Wars rules.

And hey, I just wanted to say that 2004 was pretty great, and I'm sure that 2005 will be great too, and that I really like and enjoy and appreciate all of my friends, both real and imagined, and you guys are pretty spectacular.  So, thanks.

So, yeah!  That is my holiday recap, I'm sorry that it was so long and so boring, but some day when I'm old I want to be able to look back and see what I did this year.  So there it is.  Hey, speaking of looking at journal entries from the future, how about this Six Apart thing, eh?  Eh?  My thoughts on it are thus:  I'm not as panicked as all the fourteen-year-olds out there, and I do not think that our journals are going to magically disappear overnight.  However, I would not be entirely surprised if discreet ads start showing up here and there.  And I wonder what will happen to the more "adult" communities, and cutting communities, and pro-ana communities, things of that nature.  I think that maybe Brad will have a little less control over things than he thinks he will.  But hey, kaiidth, and we'll just have to see what happens.

So, yeah, that's REALLY it!  Really!  But if you have any advice to offer on the following two points, I would really appreciate said advice:

  • what should I see in Vegas?

  • what programs do you recommend for stealing movies via Netflix backing up my DVDs?  I know nothing about this sort of thing.

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I'm watching CSI, just to piss off counterfeitfake. The problem with writing episodes that are "ripped from the headlines" (to coin a Law & Order phrase) is that if you know how the article read, you know who freaking did it!! Geez.

Maybe they'll surprise me.

EDIT: Okay, they changed it.