January 19th, 2005

james t. kirk - reflective

first *real* snow of the season

Maaaan, it snowed and is still snowing and I'm pretty sure I left my ice thinger (why can't I think of that word?  Chipper?  No . . . ) and snow brush in the Mazda!  My logic was that the snow brush thing was green, like the Mazda, and my new car is blue.  Boviously I must have a blue ice thing.  Chipper.  SCRAPER!  Boviously I must have a blue ice scraper.

So here's a weird thing:  there's a poll on startrek.com today (this anecdote is not actually Star Trek-related, though, HONEST, keep reading) and heck, I'll just reproduce it here, for kicks:

Poll #421031 Star Trek Poll

What would you most like to see happen in 2005?

Enterprise renewed for a 5th season
A Shatner appearance on Enterprise
A new Star Trek movie in production
A touring production of the "Spock's Brain" stage show
Contact with an alien species
The Eagles win the Super Bowl
Affordable space travel
Peace on Earth 

Man, tough poll, I want all of those things to happen.  I had to go with the Eagles, but that raises the question -- what?  How -- what?  I mean that there's mention of football at ALL (what an out of place item!) but why the Eagles?  Ca-razy.

I think I'm getting sick.  My head hurts and my eyes feel . . . hot.  You know, how they get when you have a fever or something?  Might just be the stress, though, work was stressful today.  I had to make Steve regrade, like, everything on the site.  Oops.  Sorry kids, the soil does not lie.

Man, how about this snow!  Sure looks pretty.  I'm interested to see how the Scion does.  (Man, there are commercials all the time now!  That's hot.)