February 5th, 2005

mr. robin

(no subject)

Hi!  I'm at work!

I've worked 56 hours so far this week!  If I stay until five fifteen it will be a nice even sixty!

I hope that I do not stay until five fifteen!

Bruce just ordered a pizza.  You know it is bad when your boss is ordering pizzas!

I will be so excited when this stupid project is done.  I will be so excited to get my next paycheck.  I will be so excited to watch the Eagles win the SuperBowl tomorrow!  Also to eat deep-fried turkey.

Well, must get back to it.  (The work, not the turkey.)


UPDATE, 5:58pm:

Welp, it's dark out. That's my whole Saturday. Gone! Just like that. I stepped outside for a moment, to call Kelly to cancel my MASSAGE earlier today, and noticed that the weather was gorgeous. Just gorgeous!

I know that other people work a lot of overtime all the time, and man, I sure feel sorry for them! I'm glad that this doesn't happen often. I also am glad that I will be reimbursed in a monetary fashion. I didn't get paid for overtime at Amtrak, and I vowed I would never again take a salaried position. Never say never, of course, but in this profession -- where there's no such thing as getting out early or coming in late or random days off or anything like that -- I think I'm going to stick with that.

Most of the major stuff is done, now it's just odds and ends and putting this godforsaken report together. I'm waiting for the printer to free up, which is why I'm taking the time to write here. As soon as I leave this place this evening -- hopefully by seven pee em, which will make it over a nine-hour day -- I will not give this thing another thought until I go to that stupid meeting on Monday.

Balls on this. It's hell on my psyche, I'm very glad it doesn't happen often.

UPDATE, 8:16pm:

Woohoo, I'm done! That's it! Now I get to go home and take a shower! Man, am I hungry.