February 9th, 2005

dr. pulaski old skool stylee

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Good morning!

I'm almost frustrated with the number of awesome Scary Go Round shirts.  I mean, I already have two!  You know?  When the Saddest Wookie one came out I was like "Man!" but a) I already have two Scary Go Round shirts and b) I can't really wear black, because b)a) I just don't look good in it, it washes me out and makes me look sallow and b)b) I have an orange-and-white cat.  'Nuff said.

But then they came out with that Manowar shirt and HELLO you remember how I excited about that guy!  And now that shirt about being eaten by bears?  Totally awesome.  If none of those other shirts existed I would like that talking machine one, too.  Compared to everything it is awesome, it is only compared to other Scary Go Round shirts that it is mediocre.

The other day I had a dream that Brian Westbrook was being attacked by a coelacanth with three inch-long fangs.  (Also its coloring was blood red).  Alternately I was the person holding the struggling, writhing fish on the tiled floor of a bathroom, with Westbrook just an armslength away (the ceiling or something was only a couple feet above the ground, and we couldn't get up); or the person leading the rescue party that was attempting to locate the room in question.  The group was sidetracked often.

Man, last night.  Last night was a big ol' mopey self-pity cry fest!  I don't even know why!  There are several small things that could make me sad right now, but none of them are a big deal, you know?  Even ganging up on me together, my cryey self-pitying mope fest of last night was not justified.  I was upset on the way to the grocery store.  I pulled it together enough to purchase groceries, and then came home to watch the second half of Gilmore Girls.  I cried during that, too, but that was okay because Luke was getting SHAFTED and also fuck you Emily, sometimes I want to like you because you're cute, but really.  Good for Lorelai.

Then I contemplated all the things I could do, things which perhaps I would find soothing once I got into the swing of them -- cleaning the tub, for instance, or doing the dishes or putting away the groceries or tackling the pile of crap on my desk or the tackling the pile of crap in the corner of the living room or tackling the pile of crap in the other corner of the living room or putting away my clean laundry or working on my website.  I decided to do none of these things.  Instead I laid on my couch in the dark (I did not even want to watch Star Trek!) for an hour feeling sorry for myself and then I went to bed.  At ten pee em.  I'm not sure I can remember the last time I went to bed at ten pee em!  Last week I went to bed at eleven one night and that was HUGE!  It took me a little while to fall asleep, but I feel much better today.  So you know, all in all, it's cool.  I got that shit out of my system I guess. 

Um, I can't think of a clever way to end this entry.  I'm going to go find some pizza dough now.  Bye!