February 24th, 2005

mr. robin

10 Things That No One On My Friendslist Has Done (I Think)

  1. Walked from one end of Martha's Vineyard to the other in the middle of the night

  2. Rode at the head end of an Amtrak train going 125 mph

  3. Took fifteen years of tap-dancing lessons

  4. Operated a back-hoe Walked 1.5 miles out to the center span of a railroad bridge, on the walkway grating between the two tracks. Two round trips a day. For a couple weeks.

  5. Slid down a 250-foot zipline wearing black leggings, a black shirt, and a black cape

  6. Was told by a professor that my calculus is "elegant" Had my wallet (including passport) stolen in Amsterdam, and then two days later had the cash that was wired to me by my parents stolen out of my pocket (*cries*)

  7. Fell asleep during the final X-Wing scene of A New Hope in the theater, and had a short dream

  8. Won a year's supply of Baby Ruths

  9. Got a 1040 on the SATs in 7th grade  Spent the night on the floor of both Port Authority and Penn Station in New York (on two different occasions) waiting for the first bus/train of the morningWas a Chinese food delivery person for five years

  10. Received a complaint from a neighboring apartment for having too loud sex at 3am (though the letter only mentioned "loud noises and banging on the walls")

james t. kirk - reflective

(no subject)

Whilst walking around Central Park admiring the Gates last weekend, I decided that, were I ever to move to a city by myself, I would buy a small, portable dog and take him with me everywhere I went.

I also sort of wished that Henry were capable of being walked; I would have liked him to be there with me.  He matched.