March 1st, 2005

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I keep getting emails from some band called "Juneteenth".  I do not recall ever hearing about this band before.  Help a brother out?  Who are these clowns?

EDIT: Okay, Puge is the singer, or something? That name sounds familiar, as though it was spoken to me at Tami and Manning's party, when I was drunk. Who is Puge?
james t. kirk - reflective

leftovers and luke and live long (and prosper)

I made pot roast for the first time last week and it was, if I do say so myself, extremely delicious: but I think that it may have been even more delicious today, in a sandwich with cheddar cheese, toasted in my toaster oven. Holy shit.

I recently decided to make Gilmore Girls my New Show. Although I am crazy about it, this is turning out to be a questionable decision because Tuesday has become a night of weeping, introspection, and longing for a boyfriend (!). I thought I was going to get away with dry eyes tonight until the very last instant. I exploded. I want a Luke.

Oh my God, Henry is eating the pot roast! He snuck up on it and ate it! He has never eaten people food before in his entire little cat life (except for licking the tuna cans clean, but that doesn't count). I have finally satisfied my housecat! I am an amazing cook!

I must have failed to hide my totally embarrassing Star Trek book in my purse at the grocery store today, because the extremely dorky high school-aged cashier gave me the GODDAMNED VULCAN SALUTE when I left! Jesus, thank God he said "have a good night," if he had thrown me a "live long and prosper" I -- I don't know what I would have done. It made me crack up every time I thought about it on the way home, though, so I guess it was okay. Man, though. Man!