March 9th, 2005

spock and zarabeth

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Last night on Gilmore Girls, Lorelai said "on dis, duh day of my dawda's wedding" and even though she's probably quoting The Godfather (right?), I totally thought pretended she was quoting Family Guy.

Also, in case you didn't hear, Rory attended a QuentIn Tarentino party and it was prettttttty much the best idea for a theme party ever.  What a shame that one of us didn't think of it first because it would probably be lame to have a party that was a party on a teevee show, right?

I'll try to find some pictures for you.

Also also, my mood shot up approximately one thousand and fifty percent before the theme song even rolled.  I'm so glad I made this my New Favorite Show.  That was a good idea.  It also probably means it'll be canceled this season or something, right?  I like it so much that I started a second Netflix queue, and I'll be seeing one GG disc for every two TNG.  Now that's love.

Also also also, still want a Luke.