March 18th, 2005

raleigh st. claire

(We Are Digging) Holes In Oldmans

On Monday, I spent the entire day in Oldmans, NJ, digging holes.  Usually when I do test pits, each pit takes about 30 minutes to dig (by back-hoe) and log.  But these weren't normal test pits, each one was only about 40 inches deep (about three buckets worth).  And I wasn't doing a proper log, just noting the depth to the seasonal high water table, and depth to seepage, if any.

The sun was shining, and when the wind stopped it was pretty nice out, but when it blew, it was quite cold.

Since the back hoe is loud, I can sing to myself whilst I wait for him to dig the hole.  A few weeks ago I read an article on Yahoo that said that the 3rd or 4th choice of Britons as the song they would like to have played at their funeral is "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life" by Eric Idle/Monty Python.  (Was it a mulitple-choice survey, I wonder?)  So I sang and whistled that song to myself.  I don't really  know any of the words, though, so I sang the same few lines over and over again for six hours.

We dug sixty-five holes.

On Tuesday I was at the site again, to do two proper, deep test pits, and ten more of the little ones.  This time I sang "Yellow Submarine" a bit.  I know more of the words (though I don't know the order of the stanzas).  Then I made up a song called "I Am The Boss".  I don't remember how that song went, but it said something like "come over here, we're going to dig the next hole over here, because I am the boss, boss boss boss."  Then I made up a song to the tune of "Yellow Submarine" called "(We Are Digging) Holes in Oldmans".

And we're diiiiiiiigging lots of holes
And we'll find out, what's down there
Is it Fallllllsington soils
Or is it, something else (something else!)

We are digging holes in Oldmans, holes in Oldmans, holes in Oldmans.
We are digging holes in Oldmans, holes in Oldmans, holes in Oldmans.

Collapse )

My whole upper fass got sunburned on Monday.  Who thinks of sunblock when it's 40 degrees out?  Not me, that's for sure. 

P.S. Those gloves in my pocket are the bomb shit. They're work gloves, lined with a thin soft fleece. I kept them in my pockets, and stuck my hands into them whenever I wasn't writing or whatever.

P.P.S. Man do I need some Carhartts.