May 19th, 2005

mr. robin

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Man, I never write in this thing anymore!  Life's been busy lately.  I've still got two or three weeks, and then it will slow down, I think.

  • Last weekend I went down to Baltimore for the Bachelorette Weekend of my old college roommate Kimliss.  I had a really good time, it exceeded my expectations.  Also I managed to meet up with prettykate for a bit!

  • Earlier this week I ate at the lake, but I've switched sides.  Now I eat on the greener, treeier side, and I wonder why I ate on the barren end (I think it was the more-obvious parking).  I saw the new batch of goslings; there are six of them.  I also watched a tiny bunny-rabbit with very small ears eat grass.  Munch munch munch.

  • The other day I accidentally left Henry out on th balcony all night.  Whoops.  It was only for six hours, and it didn't get very cold.  He didn't even complain when he came in.  I imagine he was bored more than anything.

  • I went to see Revenge of the Sith or whatever it's called last night.  I liked it a lot, the action scenes were sweet, and Ewan MacGregor is dreamy.  There's just so much that frustrates me about the Star Wars thing in general, though, but whatever.  I guess that's the way Lucas likes it, it seems useless to complain.  Here are my favorite lines:
    Anikan: You are so beautiful.
    Padme: It's because I'm in love.
    Anikan:  No, it's because I'm in love with you.
    Padme: Does that mean love has made you blind?
    Washu:  What?  Shut up!  Also, have dinner!  No one eats anything in these movies.

  • Tonight I'm driving up to my parents' so that we can drive up to Rochester this weekend for my brother's graduation.  My grandparents are coming too, and it will likely be a weekend of misunderstandings and frustration and yelling, but also it should be really great.  I hope.  I'm very proud of boomerkuwanger, I can't believe he made it out in four years!  And went to Germany!  And invented a font (I'm assuming, since it was his Senior Project)!  I keep meaning to answer that Three Questions thinger, because Sean did it and there were a bunch of answers that were the same as the one I'd had in my head for a week.  So, neat.

  • I haven't gotten very much sleep this week, and I hope that I don't fall asleep on the ride home tonight.

  • Happy birthday, bakerloo!

  • I'm going to lunch.