July 29th, 2005

james t. kirk - frustrated

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I am not good at my job.

I'm okay at being an engineer, but I'm a terrible project manager. Bruce was actually really nice about it, pointing out what I did wrong. I couldn't do anything but just stare at the plans with my head in my hands.

I'll be okay, I just need to try harder.

Man, also? This morning I shifted in my chair and a part of my butt felt cool and I thought "oh no did I spill something?" but an investigation showed that I have a hole in my jeans! In the BUTT! Damn you Old Navy!!! Their jeans are so cheap, but they are also so CHEAP! They never last longer than a year and a half.

So to show that I've learned my lesson, I'm going to drive up to Old Navy on my lunch break and buy another pair.

Happy birthday Mitch! Happy birthday Culann! Happy birthday Ford! Happy birthday Wil Wheaton!

I didn't get any of you fuckers anything. But I hope you have a lovely day.
eddie izzard

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It is such a beautiful day out today -- and this summer has been so sorely lacking in beautiful days -- that I decided to forego the trip to Old Navy (the hole isn't that bovious) and go to my lake and read Harry Pooter instead.

I saw the bottom of a goose! Haha. I don't mean like when they are eating something underwater, and their butt sticks up, though that is always pretty funny too. Rather, some geese were bickering (they do that all the time!) and I looked up in time to see one goose floundering upside-down in the water, his white belly showing, his feet flailing about, until finally he righted himself. I totally cracked up! It was great!

Weekend soon!