August 11th, 2005

gonzo spock

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Man, Neil and Kelly are getting married today! In Arizona! I don't know when, but sometime today! Man, I am seriously so excited. Just as Gina said, I keep thinking about them! I've been thinking about them all week! I've never been so excited for something that I'm not going to attend, or even, like, witness. Man! Neil and Kelly! Getting married! I hope they can feel all of our love and excitement, all the way out in Arizona. Man! Weddings turn me into a total cheese-ball! At least I probably won't cry at this one. Oh wait I'll probably cry at the reception! Haha.

Also, and this is somewhat less exciting, my dad is involved in the PGA Championship this weekend! He's going to be a -- I think he's a marshal. Or a ranger? Something that made me think of a national park. Whatever they call the guy who holds up his hands to make the crowd be quiet so that the men can take their swing or putt: that guy. My dad's one of those guys today. Hooray for him! It's the freaking championship! Yay Dad! I hope he doesn't screw up.

I'm going camping this weekend! I think I'm going to buy my own tent! O, I hope they have the one I want. My own tent! An independent woman of the aughts needs her own tent.
james t. kirk - jocular

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Due to a mention of game shows that would be fun to do in real life in rjwhite's journal, I was poking around, looking for Match Game stuff (oh, and it was the 70s, not the 60s: the 60s version is mostly lost, and the ones they play on GSN are from the 70s run). I found this, which is a description of Brian Billick's (coach of the Baltimore Ravens) appearance on Match Game PM in 1977.

Oh, and he sucked.