September 8th, 2005

jim johnson

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Man, I have a bunch of more important stuff that I should be talking about, like how Neil and Kelly got married last weekend and it was one of the best weddings I've ever attended, and how also I went to Delilah's and there was this stripper there who did these amazing jumping splits, and other important happenings in my life that are new and exciting the likes of which have not occurred in years, but the meeting this morning went really well and so I'm in an unexpectedly good mood and all I can think about is football.

The draft for my fantasy league was last night, and though it still took a while, it went very smoothly. We had two managers drafting via instant messenger, so we projected the laptop image on the Manse's gameroom screen, and that was very helpful. Also I'm the Commissioner this year which means I feel important, and boy do I like feeling important.

Football! Football tonight! I have one guy playing tonight for New England, and in my other league (which autodrafted this afternoon) I have Randy Moss. Awesome! Football! StatTracker! High Definition! BIRDS!!

Gosh I love football season.